Thursday, June 9, 2016

Haul: Beezy Tarts March 2016

Ah, Beezy. The vendor whose wax I seemed to always get in destashes but never ordered directly from.
This year I aimed to change a lot of my previous experiences with vendor wax and ordered directly from said vendors. Sniff My Tarts was one of those vendors. Beezy is another.

I placed this order on March 6 and it shipped on May 9. A nine week TAT (technically within the stated TAT of 35-40 business days) that felt longer than it actually was. I think it's just because I was worried about missing the package and it being sent back. Our mail center only holds mail for so long before it's returned, making it important that we check mail frequently.

I've had his wax sitting in front of me for about 3 weeks now, so I think I should finally get to posting about it, yes?

I paid $1.85 per tart cup.

French Lavender & Honey (BBW Dupe): As this is a dupe of a perfume, it has top, mid, and dry notes that you're better off reading about here if you care all that much.
Dead on dupe. This is one of my all time favorite BBW scents, so to pick it up in wax form is nice. I bought 2. 3.6 oz total.

Pomegranate Cider: Hot Spiced Cider with Fresh Pomegranate Seeds & Strawberries.
I think of Atomic Fireball candy while sniffing at this. It has the spicey notes, while still maintaining that sweetness that I recognize from the candy. 1.9 oz

Fresh Baked Cookies: Sweet, Doughy, Creamy, Sweet, Frosted, Oatmeal Freshly Baked Cookies.
The most authentic cookie scent I have come across in wax. I smell the slightly crispy cookies, the hint of oatmeal, the creamy awesomeness. It smells like a hodgepodge of all the best cookies. Not that I like oatmeal much, but it smells awesome! 1.9 oz

Berry Splash:Plump Blueberries, Juicy Raspberries, Sweet Clementine, with notes of Loganberry, Cassis, Violet Leaves, fished off with a tad of Creamy Vanilla, Crystal Sugar.
Slightly tart berry medley. 1.8 oz

Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake: Top notes of Candied Lime savors, Lemon syrup, and Bergamot extract; followed by middle notes of Poppyseed muffin, Brown Sugar, and Clove Bud; sitting on base notes of Marshmallow Fluff, Vanilla Cake Batter, and White Musk.
A typical, fizzy and sweet lemon scent. I don't pick up on much of the pound cake. 1.8 oz

Cactus & Sea Salt: Cactus, Fresh Green elements, Salty accents, Sea Moss and Warm Driftwood.
Salty clean is what comes to mind. This makes me think of my Momma, as it's a scent that she would always buy shampoo in. I bought 2. Total weight 3.7 oz

Madam President: Fresh, zesty citrus notes of charisma and charm, balanced out by feminine florals of Jasmine, white Rose, and Freesia. The nuances of brilliant Musks and ozonic notes are backed by a respected and humble hint of sweet Vanilla; ending with a kind hearted, warm Amber base.
I left the scent description in its entirety here because I thought it was funny. It's a scent, for crying out loud. It can't be charismatic or sweet or kindhearted. M says this smells like "a perfume old women would wear." I would like to wear this scent, so I guess I'm an old woman. LOL. I smell the musk and amber the most, with florals somewhere in the background. It's a very complex scent that I'm surprised is working out so well on cold sniff. We'll see how it smells once I melt it! 1.9 oz

Marshmallow Pumpkin Bread: Sticky Marshmallow, Pumpkin Puree, Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar, and Bread.
Mmmm, spicy pumpkins. Crisp fall air. Trick or Treating. For some reason I think heavily of West Point while smelling this. It's where we were stationed for a bit of my childhood and I think it has to do with West Point being the place where I was finally old enough to appreciate the fall/winter months. Maybe I'm already done with Summer. 1.9 oz

Mint Lavender: Earthy Lavender Flowers, Fresh Peppermint, and Spearmint Sprigs.
Very heavy on the peppermint and herbal lavender. Just a dash of spearmint. Ever so slightly sweet. I bought two. Total weight 3.7 oz

Lavender Chocolate: French Lavender with hints of Creamy Milk Chocolate, Amber, and Jasmine.
I picked this up after I fell in love with the CFTKR version of this. It smells just as awesome. The chocolate is heavier here, but the lavender is very much there. 1.8 oz

Caramel Macchiato: Caramel, French Vanilla Creamer, & Freshly Brewed Coffee.
Yes, I know. I just said that I didn't have good luck with coffee scents. I'm still trying to find ones that I like! This one has a hint of that bitterness that I don't like about coffee, but it's still very pleasant on cold sniff. I hope the bitterness dies down and the rest of the sweetness comes out once I melt it. 1.8 oz

On to my freebies!

Volcano (Capri Blue): No description available.
Smells very tropical. I smell something citrusy. That's about all I can say. I'm not very descriptive. LOL 1.0 oz

Melon Mist: No description available.
I think my sniffer is pooped out. I smell watermelon bubble gum. That's about it. I still like it, though! 1.1 oz

You guessed it! Time for the price breakdown!
Total Before Shipping: $24.90 (including refund of $3.70 for two oversold tart cups)
Total After Shipping: $31.70
Total Wax Received: 27.9 oz.
Freebies Received: 2.1 oz (included in total wax received)
Price/Ounce without shipping: 89.2¢/ounce
Price/Ounce with shipping: $1.14/ounce

One of the cheaper vendors in the world of wax! I'm excited for the scents I got and I can't wait to start melting.

What do you think of Beezy's? Have you ordered from them recently? How was it?


  1. Beezy is a vendor that always slips off my radar. I've had several Beezy tarts gifted to me that I've probably enjoyed, but nothing really stood out to me. When I think of Beezy I think of Sunnee's undying love and Apple Clove Butter. LOL I've placed one small order in the past and just recently placed another small order when Sunnee forced me to. I was not a fan of the fact you had to wait for his restocks, and I'm definitely not a fan now that he's jacked his TAT up to 8 weeks. You know me! I'll go to where the quick TATs are!


    1. YES! I would have picked up Apple Clove Butter if I had seen it while placing my order. I can't think of Beezy without thinking of Sunnee's love of it.
      I felt like the TAT was long, and Beezy tends to get annoyed when people ask him for updates. I don't appreciate that. It's very reasonable to ask for updates on stuff that takes a while to make. Donna & Amy from Sniff My Tarts have always been incredibly open and happy to help any customers with questions about their order, something that makes me return to them even with their long TATs... that and they seem to absolutely love my pictures and I can't help but feel flattered LOL.
      I remember enough that Beezy's tarts performed well, but I don't think they were anything special. I'm not going to go out of my way to make an opening, that's for sure.

    2. When I placed that recent Beezy order Sunnee joked that next I'd be ordering from SMT. I was all 'Noooooooo,' but Julie's post today and you're fondness for them have me kinda maybe thinking I might try an order. You guys will have to tell me how SMT ordering works these days though. lol


  2. Nice tidy Beezy haul! I really enjoy the feel of his tarts. The smooth texture is nice. I tend to get a good throw from him too. But I agree, not overly fond of how angsty he gets with customers. You are in retail, be nice to the customers. The pumpkin marshmallow one sounds so yummy. Enjoy your goodies.

    1. I agree on the feel. I also like how firm his tarts are. I just melted some LSC the other day and even though the wax had been sitting in the freezer for over a day it was still too soft to remove from my warmer. My Beezy on the other hand can pop out as soon as it's solidified.
      I keep wanting to melt the marshmallow pumpkin bread. I need to go ahead and sort it into its scent drawer so I don't reach for it until fall. LOL