Sunday, June 12, 2016

Haul: Doorihanji in Insa-dong!

See that piece of Hanji above? I made that with the items I am about to show you. This store even has an online storefront for those who are curious: It's all in Hangul, of course, but using Google Translate has helped me navigate the page enough to find prices. Looking at the page, though, I realize that I definitely get a cheaper price in store. I know I did not pay the price on the website for my paper.

Anyways, on to what I got! I will try and include the prices I paid. I even have a handwritten itemized receipt. The only problem is my receipt is in Hangul, and it's not written big enough for a translator app to pick up on. Sooo.... I might be guestimating on some of these items! :) (But Liz, why don't you just learn Korean? Shhh, I am. I still don't know enough to understand what I'm reading)

A kit! This is the foundation of every Hanji project that I work on. I use a premade kit and put it together. This one cost ‎₩12,000/$10.16.

A close up of what the finished product should look like. It'll be about 18 inches tall.

Tools! From left-right I got an exacto knife (‎₩7,000/$5.93), a shaping tool (‎₩700/59¢), and two brushes (‎₩2,200/$1.86 & ‎₩1,400/$1.19). I already know I'm going to need more shaping/sculpting tools and brushes, but the exacto knife is perfect. 

Three tubes of glue. This is the glue we use to put our kits together. For the large kit above, I used about 1 & 1/2 tubes to put it together. Each tube is ‎₩630/53¢.

Finishing lacquer (left, ‎₩17,100/$14.49) and powder to make my hanji paste from (‎₩20,000/$16.95). The hanji paste is made from little pellets that turn into gel as they're added to water.

A clear cutting mat. 12in x 12in, and about 1/8in thick. This cost ‎₩3,600/$3.05.

Now for the fun part: the paper I got! The paper I got ranged in price from ‎₩1,000(85¢)/sheet to ‎₩3,600($3.05)/sheet. Typically the more elaborate, thick pages were more expensive.


Very pretty, yes? Not to mention ginormous in size. Pulling the dimensions from the website, these are 2'x3'.

On to my freebies, or gifts with purchase, as the owner called it.

A jewelry box, which has been put together and showcased in the beginning of this post!

More paper! These are smaller sheets of paper, but they're more textured than the regular hanji paper I got. I haven't figured out a use for them yet, but I have plans to go back to Insa-dong in the next week so I'm sure I'll find something to use them for by then!

That concludes my haul! I have already joked with M that I'm going to take a chunk of our savings before we move and buy up everything I can from the hanji stores here. I looked into methods of getting Hanji supplies back in the States, and there are few to none. The few options I did find were expensive, so I'm going to stock up while here! Who cares that I wasn't supposed to pick up a new arts & crafts hobby while here. LOL

So, what do you think of Hanji from the little bit I've posted about it? Would you like me to post some more in-depth stuff about this fun little craft?


  1. Love seeing all the pretty papers and what you made with them but . . . US prices please! =(


    1. Oops! I'm sorry! I meant to post them with this, but I had to go back and find the conversion rate we had used to convert the money we were spending. I've updated the post to include the US prices. :)

    2. Thank you! I'm a pest, I know....
      I love those papers even more, now that I know how much they cost. =)


  2. Love your little box. Those papers with textures and patterns are dreamy. Yes, in depth tutorials/crafts would be cool.