Monday, June 27, 2016

Haul: Glitterati Customs 2015

It's here. It's here. It's here! My unicorn wax! Let me do a little dance of happiness. For those of you who don't know, The Glitterati Candle Co is a one-woman show run entirely through her Facebook group. The owner, Janine, has carved a reputation for herself as a creator of amazingly high quality wax tarts and as a result her wax has become incredibly popular. Add the fact that she has no intentions of expanding due to familial obligations and you have some seriously rare wax.

TAT is a little difficult explain. I submitted my order to Janine on May 25th and it shipped on June 14th - 3 weeks. Sounds amazing, right? Look at the title of this post. I did not make a typo when I put in '2015.' On the afternoon of March 21st, 2015, I was one of 100 people who managed to say "me" early enough for a customs sign up list. My name originally came up in December, but I had to defer as we were in the middle of a move. So depending on how you view it, TAT could be almost 15 months. For the 2016 customs list, Janine tightened up her rules on orders to ensure a shorter TAT this time around, including the removal of the option to defer to the bottom of the list. My point is, Janine's methods of operation aren't for everyone. I still can't figure out whether I like or dislike it, but I can appreciate that Janine has been incredibly open about TATs, where she is at on X mystery list and Y customs list, and her reasons for staying a one-woman team run out of her house's kitchen.

Now that we have all of that boring introduction stuff out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff - what exactly I got!

First off: my four-chunk bakery bags. Each bag was $12.

Cotton Candy Frosting/Cucumber Melon: No scent description available.
I think of watermelon bazooka bubble gum, with a mix of your typical cotton candy frosting scent. Quite fruity and delicious! 11.7 oz.

Cucumber Melon/Candy Cane: No scent description available.
This is a repurchase of a scent the lovely Julie sent me early last year. I've already reviewed this scent in this post if you want an in depth review. Just know I love it! 11.8 oz

Candy Fluff/Pink Sugar/Pomegranate: Juicy bubblegum, cotton candy, apples, pears, lemon drops and vanilla/strawberry, bergamot, musk and vanilla/sweet pomegrante.
What, did you really think I would make a custom order and not get a candy fluff/candy mountain/snow fairy dupe? I scoff at the thought. This is very heavy on the candy fluff and the pomegranate knocks my socks off. Pink sugar is in there, it's just very shy. A sweet and cheerful concoction. 12 oz.

Satsuma/Salty Sea Air: Bright mandarin orange/light, clean, airy scent that will remind you of the ocean.
Very tart oranges with just a hint of that salty freshness. It's a bit heavier on the citrus than I had hoped for , but I'll wait until I've melted some to give a final verdict. :) 11.5 oz

Violet/Cotton Candy Frosting: Beautiful, delicate floral/none available.
On cold sniff I'd say this is a bit of a dud. There is a weird waxy note and I can only vaguely pick up a sweet floral. Here's hoping it shines when melted! 11.8 oz

Lavender/Marshmallow: A well-rounded herbal scent of lavender blossoms/toasted marshmallows by the fire.
Sweet and gooey lavender with a woody, smoky note. Transport yourself to a midnight campfire surrounded by a field of lavender, making s'mores in the fire while you share in stories and laughter with your closest friends. I want to go camping now. 11.7 oz

Strawberry/Serendipity/Candy Cane: None available/sweet, fruity, and hints of coconut/none available.
Minty berry galore. Dipping a candy cane in some cherry syrup and drizzling that in strawberry and coconut chunks. 11.5 oz

Violet/Toasted Marshmallow: Delicate floral/toasted marshmallows by the fire.
 One of Janine's most popular blends, this is a delicious mixture of soft violets and a gently toasted marshmallow. Just a hint of smoke. A sweeter, softer blend than the Lavender/Marshmallow blend above. 11.9 oz

On to my single chunks! Each chunk cost $3.

Pink Sugar/Marshmallow Fireside: Strawberry, bergamot, musk and vanilla/sweet, smoky BBW type.
I'm really enjoying these toasted marshmallow and fire type blends. This one is mainly marshmallow fireside, with just a hint of pink sugar in the background. This will probably need to be melted to smell everything it has to offer. 3.2 oz

Watermelon Spritzer: No scent description available.
Kind of hard to figure out what I'm smelling here. Watermelon is there, obviously, but the rest I can't quite put my finger on. Some sort of honeyed syrupy drink with just a smidgen of something fizzy. 2.9 oz

Cotton Candy/Honeydew: No scent description available.
A gentle honeydew melon with just a hint of cotton candy. Simple but sweet. Apparently I was fiending for sweets while plotting this order. 2.8 oz

Purple Rain: Black raspberry, vanilla, chardonnay.
Eh, I'm glad I tried it, but I'm not sure this one is for me. It's too heavy on the chardonnay and I feel like I'm drowning in wine just smelling the bag. Everything else in it smells like it would be delicious! Next time I'll just get some black raspberry vanilla. :) 3.1 oz

Chocolate Orchid: A unique and pretty perfume scent: lemon, orange, bergamot, lime, raspberry, peach, jasmine, orchid, with the slightest hints of chocolate, vanilla, patchouli, and amber. Really, though, don't let the chocolate notes fool you -- this scent is worth trying if you like delicate perfume scents.
I think that scent description just about covers it. I know the chocolate is in there, but it isn't a fake or icky chocolate. Definitely worth a try if you're into musky perfumey scents. This is very similar to BBW's Dark Kiss in those background almost sweet musky notes. I picked up two chunks totaling 5.7 oz

Pomegranate/Eucalyptus and Spearmint: None available/Perfect soothing scent for winter chills and stuffed up noses, with mint to refresh stuffed up heads.
Very heavy on the pomegranate on cold sniff, but eucalyptus and spearmint are definitely there. This makes for a very toned down spa type scent with a sweet pomegranate center. Does that make any sense? I think all the wax is going to my brain. I bought two chunks totaling 6.1 oz

Lavender/Ice Cream Scoop Bread: A well-rounded herbal scent of lavender blossoms/none available.
Herbal lavender mixed with a very crunchy bread. I'm not sure where the ice cream went but there is a weird waxy note to this on cold sniff. 3.0 oz

Serenity Spa/Bergamot: Mandarin, melon, jasmine, green tea, vanilla/none available.
Sublime spa scent with a wonderfully citrus twist to it. I already want more. 2.9 oz

Pomegranate/Mandarin Mimosas: None available/Dew fruit, mandarin oranges, tangerines and sweet berries, pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, fruity jasmine, soft lavender, lily, vanilla.
Tangy mandarin, sweet pomegranate. Slightly sweet, slight bite of citrus. 3.2 oz

Lavender/Pink Sugar/Vanilla Bean Noel: A well-rounded herbal scent of lavender blossoms/strawberry, bergamot, musk and vanilla/none available.
Herbal lavender with a hint of pink sugar. The vanilla is ever so slight on cold sniff. Overall a rather light scent. 2.8 oz

Pomegranate/Cucumber Mint/Watermelon: No scent description available.
This one's an interesting blend to my nose. Instead of a clear note of each and every scent I pick up an equal meshing of all of the scents together. There is the slight tart backdrop from the cucumber & watermelon, while a sweetness that hints ever so slightly at pomegranate permeates the front. This'll be interesting to melt. I bought two chunks totaling 6.3 oz

Blue Cotton Candy/Pink Chiffon: None available/exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla, whipped chiffon musk.
A faint, perfumey musk. I'm surprised at how unassuming the pink chiffon is. It's a pretty recognizable scent to me, so to not be able to pick it up is quite strange. I know it's there, but it's intermingling with the rest of the mix in such a way that I can't distinguish one scent from another. Splendid blending, Janine! 3.0 oz

Plum Delicious/Tea & Cakes: Plums, strawberry, hints of peaches and apple, sweet vanilla, rich red berries/none available.
I discovered my love for tea & cake blends this spring, but I've never blended it myself. I do have to say, this is quite a delicious first-time blend. I'm not typically a fan of plums, but it's so mellow here mixed in with all the other notes that I only know it's plum because of the name and scent description. Throughout the blend is the tea & cake. Yummy! 2.8 oz

Raspberry/Mandarin Mimosas: Fresh raspberry/Dew fruit, mandarin oranges, tangerines and sweet berries, pineapple, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, fruity jasmine, soft lavender, lily, vanilla.
A fruity blend that hints ever so slightly at floral. This blend isn't as heavy on the citrus as the pomegranate/mandarin mimosa blend. 3.0 oz

Pink Sugar/White Clouds/Vanilla Bean Noel: Strawberry, bergamot, musk, vanilla/clean, fresh laundry scent with notes of lily, bergamot, geranium, violet, and precious woods/none available.
This doesn't smell like a laundry scent to me at all! More like a softly feminine perfume. It hints at sweet & floral on the inhale, but the meat of the blend is musky vanilla & woods. Can I get this in a perfume bottle, please? 3.2 oz

Lucky in a Little Black Dress: Irish moss, amber, herbal notes/white carnation, blood orange, sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, patchouli, toasted vanilla bean, vetiver, amber, and musk.
This kind of smells like I went down the perfume aisle of a Dollar Tree. LOL! There are definite floral and musky notes, but on cold sniff they mostly mesh together much like the cheap perfume I used to love in elementary school. Sometimes I pick up hints of something more exotic, but I think this blend is going to have to wait until it gets melted. I would say this is a blend Julie would like, but it seems almost too floral and sweet. 3.0 oz

Little Black Dress/Tea & Cakes: White carnation, blood orange, sandalwood, black rose, smoky wood, patchouli, toasted vanilla bean, vetiver, amber, and musk/none available.
I mostly smell tea & cakes. If I didn't know any better I'd say this is a floral version of tea & cakes and nothing else. 2.9 oz

Strawberry/Eucalyptus/Cucumber Mint: None available/Perfect wintertime-sniffles scent that will uplift your spirits and clear your airways/none available.
Sweet strawberries and cucumber mint mixed with a blast of eucalyptus. This is a bright and fruity blend that's perfect to wake you up and brighten your day. 3.0 oz

Cucumber Melon/Raspberry: None available/fresh raspberry.
This is a crisp fruit & berry blend. Leans ever so slightly towards bazooka bubblegum land, but I think all watermelon scents do that for me. :) Still a great blend! 3.2 oz

Now that we're done with the scents I ordered, let's jump on to my freebies!

Cucumber/Blonde Moment: None available/a pink champagne cocktail of sweet raspberries and tart cranberries.
I'm a sucker for Blonde Moment blends, and this one is no different. This particular blend takes the signature sweet and fizzy nature of blonde moment and adds in just a splash of fresh cucumber to liven up the scent. 3.1 oz

Cranberry Salsa/Tea & Cakes: No scent description available.
A nice berry take on tea & cakes. Just a hint of cranberries. Is cranberry tea a thing? Real cranberry tea, not artificially flavored cranberry tea. I feel like if it were, this is what it would smell like.2.8 oz
(Why don't I know if this is a thing? I drink tea almost daily!!)

Cucumber Melon/Raspberry: None available/fresh raspberry.
Does this scent sound familiar? It should, because I bought a chunk in it! The color scheme is different, which makes me think this is from a different batch of wax. That means somebody else ordered the same blend around the same time! I think that's pretty cool. Now to see whose version is better... LOL 3.0 oz 

Tickled Pink: Pink sugar, vanilla waffle cone, and zucchini bread.
I knew I smelled zucchini bread before checking the scent description! This smells like a pink sugared bread type blend. I think I'm going to risk melting a little to see if I get that tortilla chip smell, because I don't get that note on cold sniff. 1.6 oz

Pomegranate:  No scent description available.
Who doesn't like some good old pomegranate on its own? I actually meant to buy a bite bag of this by itself so I could experiment with blends, but as you can see forgot to. That's what I get for putting my order together 3 hours before the deadline. I had almost 15 months to work on my list, and I didn't touch it until three hours before I had to turn my list in. Will I learn from this experience? Probably not. Please tell me 'I told you so' when my name comes up for the 2016 customs list. 1.6 oz

Pink Candy Fluff: No scent description available.
More Lush snow fairy/candy mountain/super-sweet-you-must-be-16-or-something-why-do-you-like-this dupeage! I want to melt this right now. In fact, right after I click "publish" that's what I'm going to do! 1.6 oz

That's it for the freebies! I did receive Janine's customary shower glove, gummy bears, and drink sleeve, but M was present when I opened the box and stole the gummy bears and shower glove the moment he saw them, yelling "Mine! Mine!" just like the seagulls do in Finding Nemo. This is why I don't feel the desire to have kids; I married a child disguised as a man. Also, I'm a bit of a child myself and joined in on the exclamations of "Mine!" until we collapsed in giggles. Hey, I'm only 23! I have time to grow up more before kids come into the picture!

Okay, time for the price breakdown!

Total Before Shipping: $162.00
Total After Shipping: $189.86
Total Wax Received: 173.7 oz
Freebies Received: 13.7 oz (included in total wax received)
Price/Ounce without shipping: 93.3¢/ounce
Price/Ounce with shipping: $1.09/ounce

Conclusion: Janine has some cheap wax! I can't wait to start melting and seeing (smelling?) my blends as they come to life.

What blends, if any, called out to you from this post? Have you ever ordered from Glitterati before?


  1. WOWZA! Incredible order Liz! I noticed you said your lavender marshmallow had a smokey vibe... was it blended with marshmallow fireside or does her plain marshmallow just have a toasted/smoke note to it? I adore her Pink Marshmallow Fireside. Your Pink Fluffy Clouds VBN one sounds really good. I would love to sniff that. I did not manage to make it on any lists this go around but I will try next time. I love your photos! You did a great job wrangling those slippery fellas. You will have one bright fruity and clean smelling home. <3

    1. Thanks! My lavender marshmallow is blended with marshmallow fireside. I'm overwhelmed with scent choices! I got too much! LOL. I'll send you some Glitterati in my next care package from Korea <3

      There's something decidedly exhausting about sitting in direct sunlight in an 80 degree house handling extremely soft wax. I don't know how you do it, even if your house isn't quite as hot as mine. :)