Saturday, June 18, 2016

Stop & Chat: June 9-17

Ark: Survival Evolved has officially been on Steam for one year. Of course, it's still in Early Access/Alpha/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it which means it isn't technically released, but that's not important. My main point is, I've been playing this game for about a year now, and that past year has absolutely flown by for various reasons. I think this post will be quite short as there's not much I can talk about.

The past week has been a lot of hanging out with K. We even went out to eat at Dino Meats one of the times I hung out with her, and Tuesday we went to Insa-dong together. Unfortunately there were no pictures taken. Just imagine delicious food from Dino Meats and go back to my last Insa-dong post to see pictures of the store we went to: you guessed it, Doorihanji.

I've been in Korea for almost 6 months now. These six months have absolutely flown by. Micheal and I have already talked about the things we will miss once we leave Korea. I know we have a while, but it will go by so fast!

Monsoon season has started. I took some time to take pictures from the porches of the house again. I realized I hadn't shared the view since winter. Everything is much greener. 

Now that the pollen has died down I've started cleaning the porches. I finished the smaller porch this week, but the large porch will take a bit more work to take care of. There are several boxes of items I need to sort through before I can start sweeping, wiping down, and scrubbing all surfaces of the porch. Before I get started on that, however, I need to buy some more air masks. I used one while cleaning the smaller porch and I know it saved my poor sinuses from an assault of pollen. My eyes, however, got some gunk in them and ended up itchy and red for a day or so afterwards.

Eventually I'll finish putting this house together. Anyone else think I'll finally finish with the house less than a month before we leave Korea?

I think that's it for my small catch-up. The past week has been slow in comparison to the couple of weeks beforehand. I took some time to catch up on sleep and reset my sleep schedule. For about three weeks I was stuck in M's night schedule, and it made it hard for me to feel like a human being and function while the sun was up. I don't mind staying up past midnight, but going to sleep as the sun rises is not something I find very pleasant.

How have things been in your corner of the world?

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