Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vintage Chic Scents - Going Hollywood

Scent Description: Strawberry coconut cream marshmallow zucchini bread.

Date Poured: February 8, 2016

Weight Melted: 0.9 oz

Location of Warmer: Living room, in tealight warmer

Cold Sniff: 4/5 Sweet and creamy strawberries with just a hint of coconut. No ZB to be found.

Warm Sniff: 4/5 Zucchini bread showed up as this melted, but it wasn't the icky tortilla chip ZB!! YAY! The end result was a creamy strawberry & coconut base sprinkled with sweet & soft bread.

Scent Strength: 1/3

Scent Throw: 1/3 This filled some of the living room.

Melting Power: <3/5. I wasn't in the living room for too much of the day while melting this, but I did notice that it did not throw very far nor did the scent last long. I noticed that the scent had died off before my tealight warmer burned out.

Repurchase: No. :( Bummer, because I finally found a ZB that didn't make me want to hurl my warmer out the window. The performance wasn't very strong. I'll melt another chunk of this in a different location to see if that helps, but for now it's a non-repurchase.

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