Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Current Wax Stash & Storage

It's about time I posted my stash and storage, isn't it? Now that I've got the house to a state of cleanliness that doesn't leave me stressed and my wax is nice and organized, I can finally share it with you guys!

I may also have been inspired when a certain someone admitted to wanting to peek into my drawers on a villa tour video I did. :) Anyways, let's get to it!

My wax completely fills up one Askvoll drawer set from Ikea. I used some fabric washi tape to label each drawer with the scent category/categories found within. When categorizing scents, I go by my nose. If there are two categories in one scent, I go with the stronger one on cold sniff. I won't list each and every scent and vendor I have, as I think you can see what's there in the pictures. If you need any clarification on anything, just ask me in the comments! :)

On top of the drawer set I have a variety of items. In between the gifts that need to be sent out and my Hanji supplies, I have my lighter & tealight candles, regular candles, wax that I need to photograph, gifts from friends, and wax I want to send off to others. I didn't decide until recently that I wanted to keep my gifted wax separate from my other drawers, so some of my older gifted items are in the sorted drawers. At the Ipark mall I can get a 100pack of tealight candles for ₩14,000/~$12.

 The top drawer has my lavender blends. This is one of my favorite scent categories, so this drawer can quickly fill up, then just as quickly dwindle down. 

The contents of my lavender drawer, spilled all over the floor! I know this rhymes, I do that all the time! =P 

My favorite lavenders have to be from SMT (Sweet Lavender!) and any of LSC's Lavender blends.

(What? No, the lighting didn't change. I didn't go from the hot-as-balls sunlight to indoor lighting and blackout curtains to escape the heat!)

The next drawer has citrus/fizz on one side and berry/fruit on the other.

I have too many loves to list them here. CFTKR's fruit and berry blends rarely disappoint, and I was pleasantly surprised by the blends I picked up from SGA. Time Warp by L3 Waxy Wonders is a repurchase time and time again.

That RG Cucumber Splash belongs with the fruit/berry wax, but I couldn't get it to fit in the picture.

I don't know how I ended up with so many fizzy and lemon scents. These aren't the types of scents I would reach for normally, and yet I have myself a nice stash going. The good news is with the summer months I do actually crave these scents a little more. Maybe subconscious me knew this would happen and stocked up in advance? We will never know. 

Next we have my bakery drawer! I'm slightly picky about my bakery. I prefer creamy over 'crunchy', if that makes sense. If it doesn't, forget I said anything.

I love fruit/berry & bakery blends. To my nose, these things just go well together. Can't you tell?

Quite a few of these blends could go in my fall/winter drawer and fit in just fine, namely the cinnamon type scents. I know cinnamon and bread isn't synonymous with end-of-year festivities, but I'm always taken to colder weather when I smell those scents. L3 Laird of Lollybroch is one of those scents I'm talking about.

More bakery items from the drawer. 

Next drawer: Musk/Earthy/Lush dupes on one side, Fall/Christmas on the other. 

Fall/Christmas goodies. I just realized how sparse my collection is. Methinks my next vendor order will be stocking up for the upcoming season. Are you excited? I sure am!

Dupes/musk/earthy scents. This drawer would be more full if I hadn't melted through most of its contents. That's a good thing, though! The sooner I melt through what I already have, the sooner I can buy more, mua ha ha ha!

Last drawer: Mints and cleans! There's also one lone floral scent I have in this drawer as I don't have any other florals and this drawer had space. 

When I finally restock on my fall/winter scents, I'll be sure to pick up some clean scents. I think I have 3 or 4 tarts left. 

Minty blends have become a fast favorite for me this year. There's something refreshing and versatile about it that I can't get over. I believe I have Julie to thank for this discovery. :)

That's it for my wax storage!

Okay, I may have lied to you just a little. I have one lone vendor drawer: Glitterati. As I've started melting through single scents I've moved each one into its appropriate scent category drawer, but for cleanliness' sake I just threw everything into one drawer together.

This is a little basket I keep on my desk of scents I've melted but haven't reviewed on the blog yet. I find this system makes it really easy for me to remember if I'm behind on scent blogging and I'll have the scent on hand to help me remember what it smelled like and how it performed. 

Finally, for real this time, that's it for my wax stash and storage! How do you store your wax?


  1. Love!!! Your IKEA drawer is perfect for this. I need to look this one up and see how tall it is. I do like my two little drawers in the closet but I really could use my closet space for shoes. Thank you for showing how you organize your goodies. You have a well rounded stash! I want to live in your mint and lavender drawers. Your Glitterati drawer would be the envy of anyone LOL! I like creamy bakery too. The crunchy kind seems too dry and harsh. Overwhelming. I like mine liberally laced with vanilla. I think that is why I go bonkers over LSC Wedding Cake blends. Soooooo creamy good. You really have a nice variety of venders too. Are you liking your Super Tarts wax tarts? I would love to see your top 5 vendors. I love making those lists at the end of the year. They always end up changing a bit with a few staples that remain each year.

    I store my wax by scent category too. Keeps the smells from bleeding into one another. I swear, get a coffee tart in there and it will taint everything. I like your blog basket on the desk. I should do that with my Warmed Wax tarts. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I'm so happy with the Askvoll drawers! Even though the drawers claim to have a 2.5 pound limit, I can easily put 15+ pounds in each drawer with no issue. One drawer set is 43" tall, 18" wide, and 16" long.
      YES to creamy bakery blends! I die for those and totally agree with you on LSC's Wedding Cake blends.
      I've enjoyed my Super Tarts wax so far! It can be hard to get ahold of, though.

      Oh man, I feel like I only ever order from 5 vendors. That's why this year I'm trying so many new to me vendors!

      I accidentally left a coffee tart in a box of fruity tarts. The scent stayed for months before I could no longer pick it up. Yuck!