Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stop & Chat: July 6

Today was a fun day! While M was heading home, he found a lost looking couple near post and offered to help them. Turns out this was another soldier in M's company. Because M was already helping them, he got assigned as their sponsor, which basically means he's the one they go to if they have any questions about... well, anything and everything related to their stay here in Korea.

The couple had just moved into their house and had a desperate need for groceries, so we took them to the Garden 5 Emart and showed them around a little. It was fun being the ones to show others around. Up until now we've usually been shown around by others while we stare around in wonder and awe at how new we are to Korea. I even got to speak a little Korean. Yay!

Okay, on to a little blurb about the picture I used for this post. As you may have guessed, this was the ring M and I bought in Itaewon on Saturday. From the beginning of our relationship, M has favored buying me jewelry with sapphires because they remind him of my eyes. When we got married, it was only logical for us to get something with a sapphire. At the time I still worked in a restaurant and we had other financial priorities, so we opted for a simple Celtic style his & her band set from Amazon (which you can see here) with the intention of upgrading... eventually. Since then we have waited for the right ring to catch our eyes. This one popped out in a sea of other rings, and it was my size too! We immediately scooped it up. Thus, my new ring.

Now I'm just doing a little maintenance cleaning and probably going to hop on some Ark with the family. There are dinosaurs that need to be tamed! BUAHAHAHAA!


  1. Oh it is lovely!!! So romantic that he ties sapphires to your eyes. And I love when the wedding/engagement rings are not the traditional diamonds. This reminds me a little bit of Princess Kate's sapphire wedding ring. <3 Enjoy mentoring the new family. You guys will do a wonderful job!

    1. When Prirncess Kate's wedding ring was first revealed to the world Michael and I joked that they had to get the idea from us. I'm also a fan of the non traditional wedding/engagement rings. Although not always the case, I feel like the non traditional ones have more of a story to them.