Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stop & Chat: July 7-9

Just accept that if I don't have a picture to include as part of my post, I'm going to pull something from my Ark: Survival Evolved screenshots and include it. Above is a Beelzebufo, or frog. It's good for gathering cementing paste, which is used to craft a lot of higher tier items. This one is purple and has a very appropriate name - Beefybutt. If I ever show you guys the names of our dinos, you will quickly realize that me and my entire family should never, ever name things. We're the kind of people that would get behind a name like Boaty McBoatFace as a name for a scientific research vessel. :)

Yesterday I spent a bit of time hanging out with K. She had some errands she had to run in Yongsan, so I tagged along and helped her. The errands ran later than we originally planned, so I didn't get to hang out with her for very long once we got back to her house. Nonetheless, it was nice to get out and see some people.

M and I have taken to going on midnight hikes. We'll leave anywhere between 9:30 and 10:15 at night and get home between midnight and one in the morning. Being out so late means we escape the heat and crowds of people and cars. My Fitbit app has been very happy with me because of this. :) I still can't beat my Dad's steps. He has a standing treadmill desk so he can be on the computer all day and yet still stay physically active. I've contemplated removing him as a Fitbit friend just so I can be #1 for once. LOL!

The weather has either been rainy and humid, or hot and humid, or even hotter and not humid. As a result the house has continued to be hot. It's doable for me, but there are points in time where I feel like I need to strip down and sit in the cold shower for a couple minute before getting back to whatever I was doing. Today I made the situation worse in the kitchen by deciding to make some buffalo chicken dip. Using the oven. Which made the middle of the house even hotter for several hours of the day. The food was totally worth it, but while the oven was on I felt like I was melting every time I was in the kitchen.

I've kept to a pretty consistent schedule of cleaning the house every other day. It's not a majorly deep cleaning, just putting more effort into general maintenance cleaning that I don't get done on a day to day basis. I'm still trying to figure out how often I want to do a more thorough cleaning of the house, but right now I feel like I'm doing okay. Every other day I'll just clean whatever needs to be cleaned. Windows wiped down? Gotcha. Floors mopped? Okie dokie. Laundry? Ehhh, I'll clean the laundry but there's no guarantee it'll ever be folded. That sort of thing. :P

Note to self: use bug spray, dang nabbit. I've forgotten to wear it each and every single time we've gone for a hike, and each and every single time I've come home with my legs absolutely eaten up. My legs look bad, splattered with red dots ranging from 1 inch in diameter to half a centimeter, ranging in age from one week to 12 hours old. We have the bug spray. It's even right by the entrance.

Okay, that's it for this little update. I'm probably going to work on a few more posts that I've been wanting to work on, then play some more Ark. Hey, it's only 10:40pm. That means I'll be up anywhere between 4 and 8 more hours!


  1. You are such a night owl!! It is nice that you guys are on the same schedule though. Adam and I are the same one too: bed at 10pm, awake at 7am. :-) We are old fuddy duddy morning people. Love your frog's name LOL! Sorry to hear it is so hot. Would fans help? We keep all our ceiling fans on during the summer to help out the A/C.

    1. It's funny that you mention same schedule. This week Michael had to suddenly switch to day shift for some training and we decided that I should stay on night shift since he's going right back to it after this week.
      When I'm not adjusting my sleep schedule to Michael's, I'm normally asleep before midnight and wake up before 7am each morning.
      We have lots of fans in the house, but I feel like the design prevents good air movement and keeps any A/C's air from leaving the room its in. We caved and have turned on the living room AC twice now.