Thursday, August 4, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 8/August 2016

Welcome to the August 2016 edition of Band of Bloggers! Record temperatures across the globe have us feeling the heat and looking forward to Autumn, especially those delicious scents that make our homes feel warm and cozy. 

This month we are sharing our favorite fall blend and also the vendor we would turn to first to order this blend. 

In the non-wax related category, we're each recommending a book that we have read and loved. 

Please join in and comment with your number one fall blend and definitely give us your best book recommendations!

My favorite fall blend would have to be any blend with Balsam and Cedar. I melted it for several fall seasons after my mother and I stocked up on the candles from Bath and Body Works at their Semi-Annual sale. What, they were $2.50 for a 3-wick and 25¢ for the tiny candles! You can't tell me you wouldn't stock up if a scent you liked was that cheap. ;)

White Fang by Jack London

"In the desolate, frozen wilds of northwest Canada, White Fang, a part-dog, part-wolf cub soon finds himself the sole survivor of a litter of five. In his lonely world, he soon learned to follow the harsh law of the North—kill or be killed.

But nothing in his young life prepared him for the cruelty of the bully Beauty Smith, who buys White Fang from his Indian master and turns him into a vicious killer—a pit dog forced to fight for money.

Will White Fang ever know the kindness of a gentle master or will he die a fierce deadly killer?

A classic adventure novel detailing the savagery of life in the northern wilds. Its central character is a ferocious and magnificent creature, through whose experiences we feel the harsh rhythms and patterns of wilderness life among animals and men.

This book is an oldie (published in 1906) but a heartwarming story in its own little way. I have read this book several times since my first reading in 2011 when it was assigned for one of my classes. Since then I have picked up a very old copy of the book from the thrift store and cherished it as if it were a children's tale. It is, of course, not a children's tale, but it's one of those stories that has stuck with my since the day I read it.

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  1. Interesting scent choice. I think the balsam would have my brain thinking Christmas. I'm not familiar with that blend though. And heck yeah, if they were that cheap, scoop 'em up! Their recent buy one get one free didn't even seem like a deal since you're still paying what, $22 for a candle.

    I don't think I've ever read White Fang. I've gotten extremely soft and sensitive about animals in my old age, so while I might have read it when I was younger, I don't think I ever could now.