Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Etude House - #25

Indirect sunlight.
 The first of my Etude polishes, this is an interesting color. I picked it up thinking it was purple, but now that I've worn it and photographed it I've noticed it's very nudish. Maybe mauve? You tell me. LOL

Direct sunlight.

In the shade.
This is one polish I love, but the formula can be a bit tricky to work with. It levels out nicely, but is prone to bubbles as you can probably tell in the pictures. There is a small window to apply the next layer of polish. Apply too soon and the polish will be streaky and uneven. Apply too late and the polish gets gloppy. If you let the first layer dry beyond that glop timeframe it'll be fine, but it takes a few minutes. If you apply nail polish as fast as I do, it can become inconvenient when the polish doesn't dry to the right consistency on your timeline. It's a relatively minor problem but I'm picky, dangit! All of the pictures above feature two coats and no top coat, so you can see that the polish is incredibly shiny.

I would say this is a repurchase, but the logical part of my brain knows how long it'll take me to go through this bottle of polish and I have yet to repurchase a nail polish in the 6 years I've been consistently following nail polish/nail art.


  1. Oh pooh... sorry the formula is finicky. And I see the blue one was a headache. But I do LOVE this shade. It looks gorgeous on you. These lavender/taupe/greige/mauve shades really ring my chimes. Lovely!

    1. I've already put it on my toes so it will stay there for a while.

      The formula/performance isn't too much of a surprise for me. I expect this of polishes in this price point, so while it would have been a nice surprise to find some Korean cosmetics that perform well at that price, I knew better. I would still say that these are higher quality than brands found for $2 or less in the States.