Sunday, August 28, 2016

Haul: Etude House August 2016

This is a prime example of why samples are awesome, both for consumers and businesses. In my last haul post I mentioned receiving a freebie of the Toning White C skincare set. I loved it so much I went back and bought full sizes in the skincare set. Thus, this haul!

The price breakdown of each product will be a little different. I will share the price in USD found on the international Etude House storefront, the price I pay here in Korea in both Won and USD, as well as the sale pricing I paid on the particular day I went to the store. That's a lot of numbers and I don't blame you if you think it's too much information, but I think it's good to include all of this information, both for other people and for my own records. This blog doubles as a personal diary, after all. ;)

Another side note, the English translations of each products' purpose might not flow very well. I still included it so you could get an idea of each products' purpose.

Let's move on to what I got... even though you can see it all right here. Shh, we all know you're just here for the pictures. :P

Double Effect Sleeping Pack: Vitamin whitening purifying sleeping facial pack infused with the golden ratio of white moisturizing capsules and radiant whitening essence for brighter skin the day after. One jar is 3.38 fl oz/100ml. On the international site, this would be $18. I can get it for ₩15,000/~$13.36. On the day I went to the store, the jar was on sale for ₩10,500/$9.35.
Basically a nighttime cream. It makes my skin feel a lot smoother and look brighter when I wake up and start my day.

Tone Up Cream: The vitamin whitening cream brightens skin by taking care of blemishes and improving skin tone. A jar is 2.02 fl oz/60 ml. International website: $28.80. Korean price: ₩24,000/$21.37. Sale price: ₩19,200/$17.
This cream works as an anti-wrinkle and possibly skin tightening? I don't feel that typical 'plastic' feeling other tightening creams leave on the skin, but I do notice that my skin feels incredibly smooth after I apply this. I have issues with large pores and they seem much smaller after I've applied this cream. The texture might take a bit to get used to. It's very gelatinous in the jar, but turns into a nice cream one worked into the skin. A little goes a long way. I think I have another few months on my sample size before I'll open up this big fella.  

Clear Toner: The vitamin whitening toner tidies up skin and makes skin clear by removing dead skin cells. One bottle is  6.08 fl oz/180 ml. International website: $21.60. Korean price: ₩22,000/$19.59. Sale price: ₩18,000/$16.
Your typical toner. I use it only for my morning skin care, and I feel like it works as an extra step to finish cleansing my face and prep it for the other skin products I'm about to apply. 

Radiance Emulsion: The vitamin whitening emulsion smoothens and brightens skin by tidying up skin with moisturizing mineral substances. One bottle is 6.08 fl oz/180 ml. International website: $21.60. Korean price: ₩18,000/$16. Sale price: ₩9,000/$8.
I was confused by this because of the name, and initially tried to use it as an emulsifying cleanser. It didn't seem to be a cleanser, however, so I looked it up on the English website and deduced that this is, in fact, a moisturizer. I like it, and a little goes a long way as is the case with all of these products.

That's it for what I bought! On to the freebies!

Does the box on the left look familiar? It should, because it's the same exact sample set that made me come back to the store in the first place! I talked with my mom and she's interested in me sending her the set to try out, so my next package home will include that.

Honey Cera Cream: A nourishing and firming Cream that provides dry skin with abundant nutrition and radiance.
I mix a little bit of this cream with my radiance emulsion and it makes for super soft skin that smells - and, I'll admit, tastes LOL! - ever so slightly like honey. I haven't used this product without the Toning White C moisturizer, so I can't say how it performs on its own. I do know that I like it.

Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil: This is a moist type cleansing oil containing moisture providing coconut oil and grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil effective for removing dead skin cells, cleansing away makeup residue and old skin cells.
I haven't used this yet, so I can't comment on how well it works.

Mascara Remover: The mascara remover easily removes even waterproof mascara.
Same thing with this remover. I'm still going through my Curl Fix! mascara remover so it might be a while.

That's it for my little haul that I've been so incredibly excited about!

If you've been doing the math, here is the overall price of the skin care products I picked up:

International website: $90
Korean price: ₩79,000/$70
Sale price: ₩56,700/$50.50

I knew going in to the store that I could get these products for cheaper than I was seeing on the international website. I just so happened to go in during a sale and saved another $20 on top of what I already planned on saving.

Conclusion? I budgeted $90 and spent ~$50. I am one happy camper!

Okay, that's it for this haul. I'm going to spend the rest of the day cleaning and wondering how two people can generate so much trash, dishes, and laundry. LOL 

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  1. Wow. You got an incredible deal on some amazing looking skincare!! Way to go! I hope your skin continues to love it. When I was using the Innisfree Green Tea skin care system I was missing the sleep pack. But now that I am almost out of Ole Henriksen system I will go back to Innisfree and get the complete set.