Monday, August 15, 2016

Stop & Chat: August Happenings

I know, I'm a horrible photographer. How dare I take a vertical picture!!

Something miraculous has happened with the weather today and instead of it being 33+ Celsius in the house, it's stayed below 31. As a result, the office actually feels quite nice. So I'm taking this opportunity to catch up on my blogging and breathe some life into this place. It's not forgotten, just very much put on the back burner. I feel like everything I post has a complaint about the weather. I would apologize for that, but I'm really not sorry. When you're spending $400+ a month on electricity and your house is still above 85 degrees you'd complain, too.

As it's been so long since I last updated, I think I'm just going to go with happenings and not quite worry about when exactly x, y, and z happened.

M and I bought an XBox One. We've been casually looking for one for quite some time, but it wasn't until this month that we found a deal we were happy with. We picked up a bundle for 45% off that somehow came with an additional controller we weren't expecting it to have. The price itself was a steal compared to how much we expected to spend, but to have an additional controller when we were expecting to have to spend $60 on another? Yes, please.

With our extra money we were able to buy a few more games than we originally planned and still put leftovers into savings. One of those games was (big surprise... *eyeroll*) Ark: Survival Evolved.

M and I spent about a week playing with his group of friends on some official servers before a troll kited some dinos to our base and destroyed everything. By that point I had already realized that I spent too much time on the game, so facing a setback that would require the same input of hours left me with one easy choice: back off. Since then I've very much enjoyed casually playing, while still keeping the house clean and doing other things with my time.

I went to a friend's birthday party for her son. It was quite fun, but the time M and I were given was actually about 30 minutes after the party started so it was a little awkward for us to walk in after all of the festivities had already finished.

This weekend I went to Craftworks in Pangyo, which is where the picture for this post came from. I went with C and M and we had drinks, ate food, and talked. The food was amazing, as were the drinks, but it was pricey. Our bill was especially pricey because M picked out the two most expensive drinks on the menu, which were $30+ each.

I think that's the main coverage for the happenings of this month. There have been some minor outings to Yongsan, but it was more for errands than anything else. Now I'm going to write out my other posts before it gets too hot in the office. Once the computer is turned on, the temperatures tend to rise.  


  1. Ugh...I'm sick of the heat and humidity here too. It's been hanging right around the mid to upper 80s, some days hitting 90, but the humidity makes it so miserable. We've used our window unit AC more this year than all the previous years combined.

    Ready. For. Fall.


    1. Well I've started to notice all of the science articles about this being the hottest year on record so I guess it makes sense. It doesn't make it any less sucky, but at least I know it's not just me being extra complain-ey.

      I don't think I've ever been so excited for Fall before. It is one of my favorite seasons, yes, but I would still enjoy Summer. Not this year.