Friday, August 19, 2016

Willow Metals - Deep Purple Amethyst Studs

After Julie's post about Willow Metals, I couldn't help but meander my way to Heather's Etsy store and take a peek myself. Imagine my pleasure when I saw this lovely set of earrings for the low cost of $19!

These earrings have 5mm African Amethyst cabochons set in a sterling silver bezel. As Julie pointed out in her post, these are a comfortable wear.

I also have to take some time to gush over the packaging. The earrings came in a bubble mailer that had a sprinkling of lavender and rosebuds in it, leaving everything smelling absolutely divine. Within the mailer was this little package with a simple yet beautiful wrapping of tissue paper and yarn. Within that bag was the purple cloth drawstring you can see in the top picture, which had the earrings within. Between each layer (except the one between purple drawstring and earrings) was a healthy coating of bubble wrap. I appreciate all the care taken to make sure these earrings got to me in South Korea in one piece. I will definitely be buying from Willow Metals again in the future!

Have you checked out Willow Metals yet?


  1. They are so pretty!!!! I am glad you had a great experience like I did too. You totally made me want to get a new pair. LOL! I hope she restocks some new stones soon. The purple flashes wonderfully in those.

    1. I've been eyeballing the store every so often to see if she has put any other options up. I considered picking up a pair of the snowflake obsidian studs, but I don't think I have any outfits that would go well with it. Purple on the other hand is everywhere in my clothing so it was an easy choice.