Thursday, September 1, 2016

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 9/September 2016

Welcome to our September 2016 Band of Bloggers! By now, most people should be back in school. The weather should be cooling down. Department store shelves are stocking up on fall and Halloween decorations. Countdowns are beginning for the end of year holidays.

This month we will share that special moment, activity, sound, smell, or all of the above that makes us feel like Autumn has arrived! We will also recommend our favorite places to shop for fall decor. Please feel free to share your own answers with us in the comments below!

There are so many things that I associate with Autumn. One big thing is a combination of the ESPN Monday Night Football theme song and school. Football season and the school year always started around each other, so that was the jingle of the new school year for me. 
Around this time, Mom would bring out the Autumn/Halloween decorations boxes and we would spend a day decorating the house. She would also bring out her potpourri and start burning various fall themed scents.
There's a particular crispness to the air and shape to shadows that only occurs at this time of year. The sound of crunching leaves under foot, the softness of my jacket, the feel of the rake in my hands as I build the largest possible leaf pile to jump around in. If I could package all of this together and call it the soundtrack of fall, I would. Or would calling it the experience of fall be better?

For fall decor, I like to go to Bank of Mom for all my decorating needs. LOL! I kid, I kid.
I admit I'm a bit sneaky in asking this question of the BoB ladies. I'm having a hard time shopping for my own fall decor. This is the first year I've started decorating, and I'm limited in where I can go because I can't access all of the stores that always stock up on fall themed decor and not all stores ship. Of those stores that ship, even fewer ship to APO addresses.

 If I were back in the States, however, the Dollar Tree/General/99¢ Store would be my stores of choice. Outside of that, I've enjoyed the Target Dollar Spot. Basically I'm a cheapskate and want the most bang for my buck. I'm disappointed that I won't be home to stock up on the seasonal decor as it goes on sale. 

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  1. I'm a cheapskate too! I do love the more grand things I see, but in general I buy the cheaper things. I'd like to have more big things, like gorgeous full sized wreaths, but storage of such things is always a concern for me.


    1. One of the things we're concerned about is whether our weight allowance when we move back to the states will be limited because we're coming from a limited-weight area, or if our weight restriction will be based off where we're moving TO, in which case it won't be an issue. The information we've found on it hasn't been helpful at all.
      Anyway, tangent aside, that's a big reason we're concerned about not picking up too many things. That and, like you said, storage. Outside isn't a very storage friendly area with the extreme weather and pollen.

  2. What great descriptions of your fall herald memories.

    My mom set me up with Christmas ornaments when Adam and I moved in together. It was nice and I do still use them, but of course we have added more as time went on. I desperately need new wreaths for the door for fall. But I do enjoy hitting up the Dollar Tree too. And the Target Dollar bin. Heck, I will be there tomorrow! LOL!

    1. I'm kicking myself for not picking up a cheap Christmas tree back in Spring from one of the flea market groups. We're going to want it when the time gets nearer.
      I've been living vicariously through my mom's holiday shopping sprees. She makes sure to take pictures and send them to me if she goes out. Otherwise I'm stuck with very minimal fall decor in stores.