Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Fun Series - Acts of Kindness

This road leads to a tea room in our neighborhood.
This is a hard topic. I'm not one to draw attention to things I do for others. I know it's good to share the good you put into the world, but I feel like I'm tooting my own horn so to speak. I do not think ill of those who do share their own good deeds, but I cannot do it for myself. I prefer to remain quietly in the background.

How, then, shall I participate in this post? By telling the acts of kindness I've seen in this world!

For one, the military community here in Korea is absolutely amazing. Because we're all in an unfamiliar world, the groups tend to form tighter bonds and people tend to reach out in situations where we wouldn't normally. One day there was a mother and two children who needed groceries from the commissary. She did not have a car, so they had to walk with their groceries home. A fellow spouse saw her walking away from the commissary parking lot and immediately offered to give them a ride home and help put groceries away. When a family had an emergency and had to fly back to the States, the community banded together to find someone to watch their pets while they were gone. Those who know Korean continuously offer support in helping new families acclimate to some of the nuances of living in Korea.

M is the human embodiment of the Good Samaritan. One time I was driving us home, and we pulled up to a stoplight. At the stoplight, he noticed a man trying to push a car that had apparently ran out of gas while his wife kept the steering wheel straight. Without any hesitation, he jumped out and ran to help the couple get their car to the gas station 200 feet away. We have a friend who recently had surgery to remove a hernia, and M is constantly checking on that person to make sure they're doing okay and offer and offers his company constantly. This friend later confided in M that he is the only person who has expressed any concern for their well being during their recovery time. Those are two of the biggest things at the top of my mind right now, but he is constantly offering himself to others in their times of need (get your mind out of the gutter!) without a second thought.

I am forever in awe of the kindness my friends show me. This is the first place where I've fully recognized and acknowledged the nuances to my depression and anxiety, as well as the affect it has on my ability to comfortably interact with people on a day to day basis. My friends have been instrumental in helping me push through those harder times and have been willing to bend over backwards to accommodate for me on my harder days. I cannot thank them enough for accepting me as I am, in all my glory and ugliness.

I think that's all I can share without getting too sobby and sappy about the kindness in the world.

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  1. I've always been amazed at the impact friends can have on one's mental state, yours sound like good ones! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Friends are some of the best presents you can give yourself! I remember reading that cliché quote somewhere growing up, but it's stuck with me because of how true it is!

  2. I hear you - I prefer to keep my good deeds kind of to myself. My bad ones, of course, THOSE I freely share with the world!

    1. OF COURSE those bad deeds can be freely shared! I'm constantly telling others how I messed up or how my clumsiness got me in trouble. For instance, a few mornings ago I had two spills in a row while trying to make my coffee. I can't start my mornings without my coffee, but how am I supposed to get my coffee with my clumsiness prevents me?!