Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fall Fun Series - Pumpkin Leaves Cinnamon Broomsticks

I'm bad at making choices. Especially when it comes to autumn. My favorite thing? Can I say everything? The atmosphere? The crisp air whipping multi color leaves around while pumpkins, scarecrows, and a whole variety of fall and Halloween themed decorations that pop up around the neighborhoods? Hay mazes and scarecrows?

Every day passes and I get a little more upset that my fall decor hasn't arrived. I want to take pictures to help illustrate what I love about fall! I can't do that outside of my home. Halloween isn't a big thing here in Korea. Some Halloween festivities are slowly becoming bigger in Seoul proper, but it's more geared towards those who wish to dress up, drink, and be merry. Trick or treating and decorating one's home still isn't a thing, especially in the area I live in.

Back to the original post topic! I absolutely love pumpkins. If I had to pick one thing, it would be the pumpkins. I love searching for the perfect pumpkins to buy and put on display. I love decorating the pumpkins and letting someone else cut the pumpkin up (I'm a hazard to my own well being, remember), and loading that pumpkin up with candles to complete the Jack-O-Lantern look. When I was a poor college student with no place to put a pumpkin, I loved the pumpkin themed festivities that occurred in the video games I played, letting me live vicariously through a pixelated world that did not take up space in my real world living environment.

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  1. Pumpkins and cinnamon brooms. Yes ma'am. Are there pumpkins there for you to decorate? I bet maybe a foam one would work in a pinch. And may be less hazardous with knife wielding.

    1. There are Korean pumpkins, but they're not as round as American pumpkins. They're squashed down to an oblong shape and aren't as vibrant as the pumpkins I'm used to.

      Michael and I were at Daiso the other day and noticed that there were actual Halloween decorations being put up! I think Halloween is starting to become a thing here! :D

      I've thought about trying a foam pumpkin. It's just a matter of finding one here, or ordering one online!