Sunday, September 11, 2016

Haul: Glitterati Mystery Box List 2016

This box snuck up on me. I'd completely forgotten about hopping on the list until Janine tagged me on Facebook in the call up post. I'm not one to say no to some Glitterati, so off to pay my invoice I hopped! Let's oogle some wax together, shall we?

I paid my invoice on August 20th and the box was shipped on August 25th.

Tart Berries & White Tea: No scent description available.
I get an ever so slightly floral type of berries note with a hint of sweet tea mixed in. Delicious. Delectable. I'm dying, please resuscitate me. $3 for 2.9 oz

Melon & Bergamot: No scent description available.
Citrus splashed fruits. I'll have to melt this on a hot day! $3 for 2.9 oz

Citrus Sunshine: Grapefruit, mangosteen, and a hint of peach. The scent list document says this is actually called Citrus Sunrise, but the smell matches this scent description so I'm sticking with it!
Tart grapefruit with just a hint of peach and what I can only assume is mangosteen. I Googled some pictures of mangosteen and this is one intriguing looking fruit! Also, I had quite a bit of Peach Soju last weekend and sniffing at this brings back several memories. LOL! $3 for 2.8 oz

Pumpkin Soufflé Cinnamon Donuts: Pumpkin, butter, cream, sugar, and spice/none available.
Cinnamon toast with a side of pumpkin pie. Leaves crunching under foot as crisp winds steal air from lungs. Warm drinks and cold feet. Man... can it be autumn already? $3 for 2.8 oz

Tahiti Treat Melon Mist: Zesty tropical fruits and berries with a very slight musk  base note/none available.
Melon rinds and fruit skins scattered on the table while you sip from the fruity concoction made from the fruits' innards. Fruit and berry explosion, basically. $3 for 3.1 oz

Cucumber Cherry Slushie: No scent description available.
Super sweet and tart cherry candies mixed with a hint of fresh cucumber. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this one. Super sweet, even for me. $3 for 2.8 oz

Grapefruit Twist & Bombshell: No scent description available.
Tart, almost perfumey grapefruits (I assume from the Bombshell) with a very slight floral note. $3 for 3 oz

Blue Hawaiian: A tart yet sweet tropical cocktail.
The typical blue Hawaiian drink scent dupe. There is something cherry like in here. I don't think I'll keep this one. $3 for 2.7 oz

Cotton Candy Chardonnay: None available/White grapes, berries, and fruit.
Come on, how could I not like this one? Cotton candy anything is pretty much my jam! I think of white sparkling cider without the fizz and just a hint of cotton candy. It's really not that sweet on cold sniff, which is nice because I feel like a walking, talking sweet factory half... 3/4ths... all the time. Pass the sugar, please. $3 for 2.6 oz

Cucumber Blueberry Fizzy Pop: No scent description available.
Blueberry and cucumber slushee mixed with lime soda. This speaks to my childhood in a way I cannot explain. Very fizzy, but somehow not so fizzy it tickles my nose. $3 for 2.7 oz

Cantaloupe Fresh Pear: No scent description available.
Soju, is that you? LOL, I kid, I kid. This is an incredibly invigorating and fresh scent. Mostly cantaloupe with just a hint of pears. It reminds me of some of the V05 brand shampoo & conditioners in their fresh and fruity scents. $3 for 2.7 oz

Strawberry Serendipity Cotton Candy: No scent description available.
Yummy sweet strawberries with just a hint of serendipity. Makes me think of strawberry whipped vodka. Liz, you're an alcoholic. $3 for 2.8 oz.

On to the samples! Janine sent her customary gummy bear bag, and M gobbled it up the moment he saw the bag. He's convinced Janine sends the gummy bears just for him. I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise. :)

Pumpkin Soufflé: Pumpkin, butter, cream, sugar, and spice.
Very crunchy pumpkin bread. I may need to add something a bit more creamy to tone down that crunchyness. 0.6 oz

Flannel Sheets: Stupid, sexy Flanders.
This is a typical clean type scent. Perfect for the days when I don't want to do laundry but want everyone to think I did. 0.6 oz

Time for our price breakdown!

Total Before Shipping: $36.00
Total After Shipping: $46.77
Total Wax Received: 35 oz
Freebies Received: 1.2 oz (included in total wax received)
Price/Ounce without shipping: $1.02/ounce
Price/Ounce with shipping: $1.34

That's it for this mystery box! I'm quite a fan of all but two of these scents, which is a score for a mystery box. I try to stay away from complete mystery boxes because you never know what you get, but fortunately I liked most of these. If I didn't, it's Glitterati, I could sell/trade in milliseconds if I wanted. That's the beauty of unicorn wax.

Are you on any Glitterati lists? Which of these scents spoke to you?


  1. Sadly, no I am not on any beloved Glitterati lists. Strawberry serendipity and white berries and tea and cotton candy Chardonnay all are favorites of mine. Great box!!! Still, lots of fruity in there for being so close to fall. At least they age pretty well. Enjoy your unicorn wax!!!

    1. Oh no! I'll be sure to share some of my Glitterati awesomeness.
      I was surprised how many fruity scents I got considering the time of year. Even so, there were some awesome blends that are probably making their way onto my next customs list.

  2. Of course the Pumpkin Souffle spoke to me. The Pumpkin Souffle that Sweet Fixations has is one of my absolute must-haves for fall. =)


    1. I thought of you as soon as I saw it. I feel like this one is a little too bready and crunchy to compare to Sweet Fixations, though.

  3. Thanks for highlighting this new to me vendor. These blends look so different, but I really like the sound of them, cucumber, grapefruit, tea=check, check, check for me! Also, I really appreciate the cost per oz. breakdown. Cost is both an incentive and prohibitive for my wax purchases, so I look for any info I can get.

    1. For Glitterati it's definitely cheaper per ounce when you put in a larger custom order. My customs order worked out to $1.02/ounce with $20+ in shipping.
      Before I got into wax and perfume I would never have been this adventurous in scent blends. Now I constantly look for new and unusual blends to test out. It's so much fun!

  4. Glitterati and their ninja ways of sneaking up on you. I've had that happen...uhm..every time my name has come up. It's fun though, like being called for winning a sweepstakes or something.
    The fresh pear blend is one that I would put on my custom's list.
    After breaking down the prices, Glitterati is a great bang for your buck! I rarely see anything under $1.30 these days.
    ....trying to remember if I'm currently on any list? ...hmmm.

    1. It's so much more relaxing when you're not obsessively checking lists and trying to extrapolate when your name will be called up.
      Glitterati is one of the cheaper companies, even with her most recent price increase! I'm bummed out that I didn't get to try her wax before it became magical unicorn wax and was still a bit cheaper, but it's still not a bad deal on some well performing wax!
      Of the vendors I've ordered from, the ones with sub-$1.30 prices including shipping are CFTKR, Beezy's, VCS, and SMT. Rosegirls manages to be one of the most expensive vendors I've ordered from.

      Of course, that price breakdown includes freebies sent. If you don't include freebies that changes quite a few of these to above $1.30.

      I like breaking down my wax purchases, can't you tell? XD