Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Fun Series - Pumpkin Theme!

Welcome back to our Fall Fun Series! I thought I'd share my meager bit of pumpkin themed decor with you guys today. :)

I'm not very artistic about where we put our decor, and I'm rather limited on surfaces deco can go. If there's one complaint I have about our home, it's that the multitude of windows and doors seem to be in all the wrong places. Also, the walls are cement so hanging stuff isn't really a thing. I get by with tape and command hooks. 

The cute wooden name plate is something my mom made for us. It interlinks M and I's names by our last name. Back home, she has a matching one that matches me and my immediate family members together with my maiden name. The Alpha Outpost wooden 6-pack holder is from a lootcrate style box that M gets every month. From what I understand, it's a "manly" box. M just read this over my shoulder and said in a pseudo-haughty way, "It's a tacti-cool box." It has things like metal drink (beer) cozies, lighters, and knives. In any case, I stole this since I thought it looked nice with our little nook he have going on. :)

We don't have many pumpkins, but what we do have makes me happy. Between our pumpkin-leaf  on the bookshelf and this little nook of the living room, I feel very happy with our beginning to decor.

If you're new to the series and my blog, this is my first year actively decorating for a season. Up until now, we've either not had the funds or I've simply not cared enough about decorating to spend the money on making our home seasonally appropriate. So, enjoy watching this house slowly come together... that is, until we PCS again! :)

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  1. Your start to holiday decor is lovely. One thing I loved about fall decorating was that I did not have a lot. I could just haul my one small tote out, have the handful of things set out in about two minutes, and be done. Packing it up again after the season was just as easy. Over time though, I've added more and more things and now I have too much. So keep it small and easy! lol


    1. I find that I like having minimal decor, as well. I do have a few things I still need to find places for, but the little bit of fall & Halloween I have makes me very happy.

      I can't guarantee I'll have the same opinion when it comes to Winter/Christmas decor!

  2. Cute! I love your pumpkin on the bookshelf. I have never seen one like that. And please, do tell me about this manly tactical box your guys gets. Adam might like something like that to compliment his Bug-Out bag goodies like his LifeStraw and such.

    1. I don't know where my mom got the pumpkin... I may have to bug her so I can get more LOL. It's metal, so it's nice and sturdy and has survived a few *ahem* tumbles when I've pulled a book from the shelf.

      The box has a wide range of things it gives! This month Michael got a "woobie" (military style poncho liner/blanket), hammock, fire starter, and personal water filter. He's also gotten a VERY nice backpack that he totes everywhere now. He describes it as a loot crate made by vet for vets, so it's good for women as well but it's geared more towards "manly" survivalist things. If I remember correctly it's about $45/month and Michael insists that he gets much more than his money's worth out of each box. It's called Alpha Outpost if you want to do some research on it yourself. I'm not very good at describing it. >_<