Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Fun Series - The Bathing Garden Mummy Mademoiselle Sugar Scrub

I felt it would be too repetitive writing about the same body care item so soon after my haul post. As today has gone by, however, I've realized that this is really the only fall body care item that has really caught my eye lately.

Mummy Mademoiselle in sugar scrub form smells like sweet and creamy strawberries. When rubbed on the skin, it manages to exfoliate without leaving the skin red and irritated. I've always had issues with rough products and my skin, so to find something that isn't too scratchy is a wonder I cherish every time it happens. My body thanks Shannon every time I use it.

I use this sugar scrub on my face every three to four days and it helps keep my skin looking and feeling bright and rejuvenated. That gentle exfoliation means I could scrub my face right before date night with M and not look like a tomato.

I'm at a loss for further words so how about instead I share the links to the other blogs participating in this series so you can check out what fall body care items they are loving!

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