Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Stop & Chat: Quetzalcoatlus, The Great Escape, and Cleaning!

This ginormous bird is the Quetzal, or Quetzalcoatlus, one of my favorite dinosaurs on Ark: Survival Evolved. You can have a platform saddle, which lets you build an air base of sorts and carry other creatures, as demonstrated by our brand new spino! Deb asked me to show the Quetz so she can see it the next time I blog, and I'm not one to say no to showcasing stuff from my video games so I went right to the game and captured several screenshots!

The past week has been a whirlwind. I went to a kids café with C, A, J, L, and all of their little ones while M played some Pathfinder with said women's husbands. I also FUBAR'd my sleeping schedule and floundered around for a few days while I tried to prevent myself from falling asleep in the middle of the day.

This weekend we went grocery shopping, and my mad couponing got us an almost-free turkey. We spent less than I thought we would, which is a bonus! We confirmed the exact day for the Thanksgiving get together and I've taken to spending the middle of each day deep cleaning a section of the house. Yesterday I folded all of the clean clothes. I also finally put away all of the old office contents that got displaced by the hamster move.

Bunny had another successful escape attempt early Monday morning. I went into the office to check on them and noticed that she wasn't in her home. It took about 10 minutes of carefully tearing apart the office before I found her in between the desk and the wall with the ginormous door and curtains. It was adorable finding her, though. The moment I uncovered her I started talking to her in the same voice I always use with the hamsters (similar to my 'talking to a baby' voice). She immediately came toward me and let me pick her up with no complaints. M and I have talked and we think we will put together one of those DIY Ikea hamster homes for Bunny and combine all of the current store bought homes for Hammy. Bunny seems to want more space and adventure than what we currently offer, and I want to make sure she's happy.

I finally got refunded from Etsy. That shop I mentioned earlier has been shut down and Etsy will very likely have to legally pursue the owner for the funds they are giving out to those who have managed to receive their refunds. The owner has been providing falsified/bad tracking to several case files in an attempt to either buy time or get the case closed (which unfortunately worked) and those who have finally started receiving product, it's nothing worth the money they spent. I'm glad I stayed on stop of contacting Etsy with any information they requested and got my refund. Others were too late and the seller managed to post enough pictures and tracking numbers to satisfy whoever was in charge of their particular Etsy cases. That opened up a whole new can of worms because they aren't supposed to close the case until the buyer can verify receipt of items and that they are up to par. Sigh. In any case, I'm following the progress of this so I don't get blindsided if my own case with Etsy is changed.

Today M and I cleaned out the fridge and scrubbed it. It wasn't fun, but the end result was totally worth it. Now we're going to eat pizza and enjoy a movie together before playing... you guessed it, more video games. LOL!


  1. Yay for dinosaurs! Those look pretty cool. I'd be happy to just get back to my basic brown horse in UO for a while, but that never seems to happen. *overdramaticsigh*

    That sucks about the Etsy shop. Why do people have to be dicks? I don't remember details about this. Was it planner stuff? She just didn't deliver?

    My fridge needs scrubbing like you wouldn't believe. Every time I go in there for something I have to quickly slam the door to avoid the "CLEAN ME!" reminders. LOL


    1. I'll hop on UO enough to claim holiday rewards, but I can't say I'm in a UO phase right now. My video games always go in phases, and unfortunately UO's phases get shorter and shorter as the shards die more and more. *insert nostalgic sigh here, coupled with a rant about the good ol' days*

      This was planner stuff, yes. The owner lied about shipping her products out, then blamed it on the Canadian post when 98% of orders never arrived. When asked for tracking information or updates on what happened to their orders, the owner was incredibly nice - but never answered the questions or never got back to the customer. Out of over 3000 sales, about 10 people received their orders in a three month span.

      I spent seven and a half hours cleaning the house on Sunday. I dreamed about cleaning fluids, sponges, and mops all night. LOL! I'm going crazy preparing for Thanksgiving!

  2. What a kerfuffle. I hope your case doesn't change. And that the money is returned free and clear to you. I hate when vendors are shady like that. I can't imagine that they think they would not be found out.

    Cleaning out the fridge feels so good but is so yucky! LOL! I seriously need to get on that myself. I probably will once we are out for Thanksgiving Break. I struggle to get through a normal work day right now as it is with my female issues.

    1. The refund has completed and my case with the seller has been closed by Etsy so I'm going to continue as if the refund is permanent and spend my money elsewhere.

      Our fridge is only temporarily clean. Mark my words, Thanksgiving will do a number on it! LOL! At least then it'll be full of tons of yummy leftovers!

      Speaking of female issues, my body decided that I didn't have enough on my plate this week and dropped Auntie on me, in her entire package, at 10x its normal intensity. To say I'm a bit miffed would be an immense understatement.