Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stop & Chat: Thanksgiving Week - AAAAAH!!!!

I'm not sure whether I should run or hope this measly tent protects me.
Does anybody else feel like they're running around like a chicken with their head chopped off? No? Only me? Crap, I haven't perfected this little thing called "life" yet and it's so freaking awesome!

It's barely Tuesday night and I feel like my week has had too much happen already. Looking forward at the rest of my week, I get a feeling of anxious excitement that is so unfamiliar to me, given the activities I've volunteered myself for.

Yesterday -Monday- the 21st I babysat K's little one while she went to a dentist appointment. I've come to realize that I'm a lot more comfortable in interacting with children. I didn't realize that interacting with little humans was a skill, much less that I'd lost it somewhere in the past five and a half years since high school! Once K got back, we hung out and chitchatted for a few hours until M stopped by to bring some food for us to eat before he and I departed. Monday was a pretty laid back night. I knew the chances were slim that I would get a chance to sit down and relax, so I took a bath and video chatted with my family before heading off to bed.

Today we went to Yongsan for some work stuff for M and to pick up some last minute groceries and items that we needed to make food. Once we got home, I made the noodle dough for my chicken & dumplings and baked some cookies for Thursday. I also cleaned up a little, just because we (oops! Thanks, Deb! LOL!) had some clutter build up over the past few days while M was home.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is a planned cleaning day. I have a few more areas of the house that I want to tackle before I get around to finishing up the house and getting it ready for Saturday's festivities. I'll also take that time to put up the decorations my parents sent me. Don't worry, I'll take pictures, as well!!

Thursday I will be spending the entire day at K's for Thanksgiving. I'll be bringing the cookies I baked today... unless all of them are eaten, in which case I have time slotted for Wednesday to bake more cookies if necessary. By "if necessary" I completely mean "I'm going to have to bake more cookies."

Friday is the last day before Saturday's party. (How many things can I call Saturday? Festivity, party, get together... I'm running out! LOL). M and I will do any maintenance cleaning needed, but the majority of the day will be spent making food. He will make his Texas Chili and make the turkeys while I make my chicken & dumpling soup (it tastes best after it's sat for a day or so) and any other foods I don't think I can make in the morning. Off of the top of my head, I think I'll go ahead and make the fruit platter on Friday so all I have to do is set it out on Saturday.

Saturday I will be getting up early to reheat and take care of the rest of the food I need to make before everyone comes over, which is slotted to happen around 10 or 11 in the morning. Then the entire day will be spent being a hostess and hanging out with a ginormous group of people while we stuff our faces, drink, and play video games.

Sunday... I have no plans. And I plan to keep it that way so I can sleep all day. LOL!

In updates on activities that have already happened, M and I partook in the PX's Veteran's Day sale and bought a new TV. Our old one is over five years old, has a scratched/cracked screen, and no stand. All of those qualities is why we were able to get it for cheap in July 2013, and it's served its purpose very faithfully over those three and a half years we've owned it. We've patiently been waiting for a good deal on a replacement TV, so to find the deal we got was awesome - and no Black Friday lines!!

Before I go any further, I must admit I have a very devious nature. While I may not be the same as an internet troll, I'm known to poke fun at people or do/say something to bring out an aspect of their personality that makes me giggle. Take my Dad, for instance. He is a very competitive person by nature. I know this. When M and I bought our new camera, he came very close to buying one of his own - just because. The only reason he didn't is because he knew he wouldn't use it enough to justify buying it. A TV, on the other hand, is something he would be hard pressed to let go of. Especially if his daughter's new TV is 4K and his is not. See where I'm going here?

Mom has had a fun (I say that sarcastically) time reminding Dad that he doesn't need a new TV every time I mention ours. She's held him off until now, but the way Dad keeps searching around for deals on televisions tells me he's having a hard time letting it go. What do I do? Mention the clarity and beauty of Planet Earth 2 on the brand new screen. Point out that I love watching The Slow Mo Guys' 4K videos on YouTube, and how crystal clear all of our movies are. Does this help at all? Absolutely not. Do I giggle every time. You bet.

Bunny had yet another successful escape on Friday night/Saturday morning. I found the weak spot I believe she's escaping from and removed it from her home completely. Since then she's managed to stay put. Silly hamster.

Okay, I think that covers all of the major points in my life for the past few weeks. Are you excited for the holidays?


  1. Wow, Liz. Way to leave us hanging in paragraph #3. =P

    Casey bought one of those fancy 4k TVs recently. He loves it. It completely hogs our internet though. lol


    1. LOL! Oops! Michael came into the office to talk to me and I completely forgot to finish that paragraph.

      I can see how it would hog the internet. Change the wifi password if he doesn't want to share! Unplug his internet cable! Muahahaa! I've been known to do that to my siblings before. *coughcough*

  2. Nice!!! Enjoy your bright shiny new TV!!! And linger in the glow that Dad is scouring the webz to find one just as nice. LOL! Sounds like you have an insanely fun time planned! And hey. Have you shared your chicken and dumplings recipe? Did I miss it? Did I comment on it and have already forgotten due to fuzzy mom brain? Happy Thanksgiving Liz! I hope it is as amazing as you are.

    1. I believe I mentioned it way back in March or April. Basically it's Alton Brown's recipe, I just use butter instead of shortening for the noodles. I couldn't possibly claim it as my own!
      I hope your Thanksgiving was full of love, family, and lots of food!

  3. Have fun entertaining and enjoying this weekend. It sounds like it will be great fun, and what a perfect time for a 4K t.v. purchase (goes to google the meaning of 4K) Happy Thanksgiving:)

    1. We really put the TV to the test with our little get together!
      I don't follow the technical stuff for TVs as much as I probably should. I usually defer to what Michael has to say about it, and yes that means I have to google a lot as well! LOL