Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blogmas 2016 - December 16: Oops

Today I did quite a lot. Not as much as I wanted to, but I'll get to that in a bit.
I slept in until 7:45. I felt great when I woke up, so I guess I needed it. I spent my morning on the computer, working on blog posts and sending messages to some Etsy vendors while talking with Mom.

M got his results of his sleep study. Unfortunately, it didn't turn up anything that would help him, so he and his doctor are moving forward with finding other causes for his sleep issues. I talked with him about some of the things I've been doing to improve my sleep quality - no naps, a "Pavlov's bell" as I call it for when it's time to go to sleep, and making sure I set up the bedroom to allow sunlight in. He's going to try and find his own things that work while we wait to see what else can be done about this.

I was in a great mood today. I still am! I played some Sims and did some laundry. I even started washing dishes. I didn't get very far because I got into a fight with a knife and lost. That unfortunately put an end to my cleaning spree and I spent the rest of the day moping around and feeling pathetic.

(skip this next paragraph if you're even slightly squeamish about blood talk)
Okay, the after effects weren't quite that dramatic but I did have to take some time to calm down. I don't cry from pain. I do, however, cry when I panic at being unable to tell how bad the cut is and realize that if things are really bad I will have to deal with the Korean health care system and all of the language and cultural barriers that that entails. I knew enough when the knife slipped that I had gotten myself really good; what I didn't know was the extent of the cut until I was able to stop the bleeding. I'm a bit of a gusher, so things tend to seem a lot worse than they actually are until the blood can be stopped. It turned out to be okay, but I figured I shouldn't continue washing dishes or do any water/chemical based cleaning while my cut was still fresh.

As part of my master plan to get out of doing household chores today, M cooked dinner. Steak, collard greens, and mashed potatoes. He even cut my steak for me because I couldn't hold my knife. Right around the time I finished my food my parents woke up so I video called them and we talked for two hours. Yes, those two hours included making fun of me and my silly paper cut. LOL! Now they're heading off for their plans for the day and I'm finishing up this post before crawling into bed.

Have you lost any fights with your knives recently? It was just my luck that I decided to pick a fight with one of ones M sharpened a few days ago!


  1. Yikes, about the knife wound! Glad to hear you are okay. And Sims! I forgot about that game. I was addicted a couple years ago. So fun!

    1. Sims is a very addicting game! I have to be careful not to let hours and days fly by while I play.

  2. Owie. I haven't fought with knives lately but I did get what started out to be a small burn at work last week. Where it is though, and the work I do, it just keeps getting bumped and irritated and can't heal as fast as it should. And it's annoying!

    Those treats up there sure do look yummy....


    1. Ouch. I've given my finger plenty of time to heal. I can't imagine if I had to do stuff that constantly irritated it.

      Those treats ARE yummy! Or... were. They're gone now. LOL!