Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blogmas 2016 - December 4: Cleaning & Decorating!

 Today I did some major cleaning as well as decorating. I never finished putting up the decorations my mom sent, so I took some time to put up some more decorations. I reached a decorating block halfway through, though, so I had to stop. Once that block happened, I redirected my efforts towards cleaning the house.

The last time I washed dishes was the day after our Thanksgiving get together. Yikes. I made a point to wash the dishes others had left with us, and since then I just didn't feel up to tackling the rest of the dishes. M and I made the decision to use disposable plates, bowls, and utensils for the actual event, but that doesn't mean we didn't dirty a plethora of dishes. All of the food had to be made and served somehow, and that along with our continued dish usage over the past week made for a less than happy sink area.

I tackled the kitchen and cleaned up the mess from us preparing four boxes to be sent out. Once I was a bit more happy with the state of the house, I sat down and ate some leftovers from last night. M had made a rice, veggies, and egg mixture and it turned out delicious. It was just as yummy on day two with an extra egg thrown in.

I caught up on some YouTube videos and worked on my planner spread for next week. Once I finished that up, I realized that I lied in one of my previous posts. There is something I could share with you guys from our Itaewon trip!

M and I picked up a jade chess set! I entertained myself for about an hour by playing chess... against myself... Shh, it's been a while since I've played chess and I was just happy to have a set that we could call our own. LOL!

I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole again. Some of my YouTube watching involved watching some Vlogmas videos, and that caused some Vlogmas videos to pop up in my recommended bar from previous years. A few were from YouTubers that I have watched for many years and I found myself watching all of their previous Vlogmas series.

Then that rabbit hole began when I started thinking back to the different points of my life I was in for x or y video. I remember watching Blair Fowler's 19th B-day party vlog and apartment tour in early 2012 from my first dorm room. I never cared for her videos while I was in high school. She was too rambly. As I got older, something about that rambly nature made me happy and I finally delved into her channels. I started watching old and long-abandoned nail art channels. My first YouTube subscriptions were to nail art channels. I've consistently used YouTube since late 2006 (seriously, this gem was one of the first videos I saw on YouTube, and that was the day it came out. That was an entertaining Winter Break) but I never used subscriptions until I started getting into nail art in 2010.

As you can imagine, I stayed down that rabbit hole for a while. It was fun coming across old videos I had completely forgotten about and reliving some of the emotions and memories that came peeking out from that time.

I decided that this meant I needed to go back through my blog and reread everything I can. It's amazing to see how much my life has changed from one year to the next and how much I've done in the past year alone. What a crazy adventure this has been! Then that meant I needed to go through all of the blogs I consistently read and look through all of their past posts and enjoy the snippets of their past and where I fit into that part of their life, if at all.

It eventually got dark, though. Literally. The sun went down and I realized I was still on the internet and I finally got back on track with cleaning.

M got home a little bit ago and I told him I would quickly type up this blog before sitting down with him. We started a new anime last night, called KonoSuba, and we want to finish it tonight. It's an interesting short series. Just weird enough to make me mouth "WTF?" about twice an episode but filled with enough of my brand of humor and action to keep me watching.

When did you discover YouTube? Do the holidays make you feel extra nostalgic?


  1. Ugh. I HATE doing dishes with a passion. I had to do them starting when I was 7 and from then on I had the sole responsibility to do them every single night until I went off to college. Thankfully I have a husband who will do them now (thought I do from time to time just to help hime out). But mainly I cook and he cleans. I don't really remember when I started watching YouTube. I was definitely a late bloomer. I remember one chick had this amazing Bathing Garden collection way before Shannon was popular and she used to do the bundles on Etsy. I cringe sometimes when I go back and read my old posts or look at my old pictures LOL! But the growth is there and hey. We are all changing and growing every day right?

    1. For the chunk of 2014 that had me living alone, I was forced to start washing dishes again. Before then, dishes was part of what Michael would do. As time went on, my disdain for doing dishes slowly waned. Now it's just a dull disappointment at the back of my mind while I stand in front of a sink, hand scrubbing all the crud off each and every dish.
      I reeeally don't like my old posts. This blog has been around since before I set off to college (though those posts were removed from the live site in the purge of early 2015) so I can see all the silly things I wrote about. On one hand, it's interesting. On the other, I would rather my immaturity not be preserved online. LOL!

  2. I started watching YouTube back in my soap making days. I think BentleyBlonde was the first one I ever subscribed to, and that was because she was a Goat Milk Stuff (soap) fan. I don't watch or subscribe to her anymore. She got all arrogant and now seems to only do name-dropping and sponsored stuff.

    You watched Blair, and I watched Elle. (Is that how it's spelled?) I wasn't into her for too long. I'm amazed though, what she's been able to do from being a YouTuber!

    BritneyAndBaby is my current love/hate on YouTube. She's also gone all sponsored, which is fine, but she comes across fake in a lot of her sponsored stuff. She's expecting her 3rd baby now, in late Dec/early Jan, so I've kinda been watching again.

    Priceiswong is a bookTuber that I really like. She's also expecting a baby (her first) in early January.

    I wish our internet was better so I could just click a video and watch it. But no, I have to start it loading and go do something else for a bit until enough loads to give me a headstart. Ugh.


    1. The first soapy person I subscribed to was Good Earth Spa, and that was in 2012 because I wanted to make my own bubble bars because Lush was too expensive. She had a video about her own bubble bar recipe and from there I stumbled across the world of soap making and fell in love. Now I watch Ariane Arsenault, Royalty Soaps, and sometimes Soap Queen.

      I didn't like Elle when I first got into Blair's stuff. Now my interests in them have switched, and I like Elle's stuff more than Blair's. I get amazed when I look at the number of sales on her main Etsy sticker shop. 57,000 sales... in a year and 4 months. HOLY MOLY! I miss her Glitteratures, though.

      I watch a lot of BritneyAndBaby's cleaning routine videos. I was sorry to find out she's been dealing with depression for a few years now. That's never fun. I do see what you mean about the sponsored stuff. I don't mind it when it's something the YouTuber already uses. However, we've seen her older videos and she didn't use these products before! Stop lying to us! AAARGH!

      Are you guys not interested in upgrading your internet or is it not feasible where you live? I'll admit I've grown up incredibly spoiled. Since I first got into UO in 2002, I've always enjoyed the best internet possible. Actually, my first year at Texas Tech we still had the crappy initial internet that had been installed in the early 2000s, so THAT was the worse internet I had to deal with. In the summer between my freshman and sophomore year, however, everything was upgraded so I got to enjoy awesome internet again.

      Being in Korea is awesome because we have some of the fastest internet possible at a fraction of the cost in the States. Even our phone plans have better internet!

    2. I don't watch any soapers these days. Back then I used to watch Ariel's Secret Garden, Beacon Creations (now Petals Bath Boutique), Nature's Art, a couple others.

      Link to Elle and Blair's channels and shops and whatnot. Do it on FB if it's easier. I don't think I knew she had an Etsy shop. I know Elle has written books.

      I haven't watched Britney's depression videos yet. Sometimes she's a drama queen so I skipped that one. Maybe I'll go back and watch it.

      We live in the country so our internet is limited. We don't want to try the satellite ones because we see how our DirecTV acts in weather. We're going to try upgrading out router one of these days.


    3. Done! I just spammed your Facebook with... a lot of links. LOL! I haven't read the books Elle an Blair wrote, though I've been meaning to for some time now.

      I got that impression from her "biggest secret video" After she kept rambling and talking around the "big secret" I went to the comments section to see what it was about. Oh - depression. Cool. I'm done watching you ramble now.

      Bummer on the limited internet. I hope some day you get a chance to upgrade! I hope a better router helps once you get around to it!

  3. Nostalgia overload for me this time of year, I posted about it around the same time too! As far as YouTube goes, umm...clueless, I've watched maybe 10 wax/candle videos and my nephew's silly channel. It's like you're all speaking a foreign language to me. On a brighter note: I ardently admire your new chess set. I've played with my hubs a few times (he wins everytime) but I still get excited to play and plan a strategy. You may have inspired a winter break chess match! Or game, whatever the correct term may be.

    1. I haven't actually played chess against Michael (he's afraid I'll beat him, muahahaha!) but I've always loved playing with friends and family! I love knowing how each person thinks/plays and developing my own strategy based off their play styles.

      Match, game, whichever. I actually don't know which one it's supposed to be, now that you mention it.