Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Blogmas - December 23-26: Merry Christmas!

Friday the 23rd was one of three planned gatherings for Christmas. This particular one was a more party-esque style one, so M and I planned appropriately and took the bus to Pangyo.
The hosts for this party were the same people we went to Myeongdong with at the beginning of October. All together there were 8 people at this get together. I was feeling just off enough that I refrained from excessive drinking. I ended up having two margaritas and stopped there.

We played beer pong and Cards Against Humanity. I'm pleased to say CAH was great. The last time I played with a group I wasn't familiar with, two people got incredibly upset at the contents and refused to play. The ironic part is one of those upset people was the owner of the game. They could have vetted the cards before playing.

Back on track, M and I were there for about 5 hours before we called it a night and went home. He stayed up and played video games while I turned in for bed, feeling quite exhausted.

Saturday the 24th I felt even worse than the day before. I tried eating, but that seemed to act as a catalyst and I soon found myself confined to the couch and barely able to comprehend anything M and I talked about. When it came time to get ready for the Christmas Eve dinner some other friends were hosting, M and I decided it would be better for me to stay home. Less than an hour after he left, I had upgraded from "man, I feel crappy and this sucks" to "well there goes my food."

M came home at about 10:30 and brought leftovers. I felt too icky to eat, so I migrated from the couch to the guest room to sleep away from M.

Christmas day was great, even if I still wasn't at 100%. I was able to keep down all of my food for the day, so that was a plus!

Now here's where I get to brag about my husband. I don't know what it is, but M has a special way with people that keeps his social cup ever full. He loves talking to anyone and everyone and I've never seen him treat someone with anything less than respect and friendliness unless something had happened to warrant a change in attitude. As a result, gatherings that he coordinates always seem to fill up. Our Thanksgiving get together had over 16 guests. Our Pathfinder campaign had 8 players - which is a lot for that kind of thing. Our fortnightly LAN parties in Georgia were always packed with people.

Craftworks is a higher end American comfort restaurant and bar owned by two Americans. M has built a fantastic rapport with the owners in the six months since our first visit, so when they mentioned their Christmas Eve & Day buffet to him it was a no brainer for us to get out of the house and attend. M mentioned to the owners that he would try and get a little group together for it. Not only did he put together our own party of 18 attendees, so many people ended up finding out about the buffet that Craftworks completely sold out of seats for all four seating times for their buffet.

When M and I arrived at the restaurant, the owners took him aside to thank him for all of his support for the restaurant and the positive publicity he continues to bring and gave him a ₩170,000($140) bottle of bourbon as a Christmas present.

The buffet itself was fantastic! I wasn't able to eat a lot of the heartier options, because my stomach was still queasy, but the socializing and atmosphere was awesome.

Once all was said and done and we got home, I managed to stay up a little longer to watch a movie with him before crashing.

Boxing day was uneventful. I stayed close to the computer all day with the hopes of checking out the Lush sales. I didn't expect it to go smoothly based off of past years horror stories, but this year was apparently extra awful. I decided against buying from the UK site as the shipping cost doubled the cost of my order, essentially nullifying the sale. For the US site, I was able to get on and everything I wanted was in stock, but it took so long to check out and I had so many errors that I was kicked back out to the queue and I gave up. I expected issues, so I'm not too butthurt. I did let my hopes get up, though, with how many items I had been able to add to my cart.

I won't call this my final Blogmas post. I will continue until our presents arrive. That also means our Christmas decorations will stay up. MUAHAAHAHAHAHAA! *cough* Ahem.


  1. Blogmas is done for me and I'm glad, although I did feel a little twitchy last night when I didn't *have* to post. Some of our decorations have already come down, but all will come down and get packed away today. We're debating leaving the tree up through New Year's though. Christmas was nice for me this year but I'm still glad to move on.

    Sounds like your holiday turned out okay afterall! =)


    1. It's hard not to post when you're in the habit! I never really got in the habit this time around so I don't have that twitch. I'm a bit bummed about that, but at the same time I don't feel like I had much to write about.

      I plan to keep up our decorations at least until New Year's day, just to keep the holiday spirit going a little longer. This holiday season turned out wonderfully, though.

  2. You do have a special guy. What a cool gift he got. Hey. I did get some Lush orders in (just placed another one this morning) and there are some Snow Fairy things I will be sending your way in the New Year. Plus what I sent in your box filled it up so I didn't get to send you any snacks. Those will come with the Lush goodies in a month or so.

    1. You are too sweet! <3 Between you and Deb I feel so spoiled with home care packages!