Monday, December 5, 2016

Haul: Stickers from Brandys Shop!

This isn't exactly a Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul that I asked about in one of my Stop & Chats, but it arrived during that time so I'm going to rope it in with those other posts. LOL

Brandy's Shop is a sticker shop that specializes in stickers designed to correspond with the layouts of several commonly used planners such as the Erin Condren Life Planner and the Happy Planner from Me And My Big Ideas. I bought from them in late September and fell in love with their weekly kit style, so when they had a sale in early November I jumped at the chance to further stock up.

Let's get straight to it!

First off - the weekly kits!

Spread Your Wings

Winter Queen

Purple Passion. I also picked up a washi strip page for this kit, just to see how it works out in a spread.

Thanksgiving. Yes, this arrived after Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm a little peeved, because I wanted this to be my Thanksgiving spread. Yes, I'm saving this for next fall. LOL!

On to my functional sheets!

I picked up a weekly habit set (I'll use two/week for my morning/night skincare), house icon (any house issues that arise that I need to document - no electricity in guest room, for instance), two asterisk icons (miscellaneous tracking), and a pet foot sheet (for petsitting!).

"Gas"/fire icon. I'll use it for when I write down how much our gas bill was.
 A scale icon - I intend to use this to symbolize that I cleaned my stove top, since that's what it looked like to me.
Weight icons - for tracking when I throw a fit and hurl all of our possessions out the window like they're weights! It's a great workout! I kid, I kid, it's just to track my workouts.
Present icons to track presents and things. I used it to symbolize shipping off all of our Christmas presents on Friday.
House icons - just in case I don't have room for the other house icons I bought and still want to track something house related.

Oven icons - for baking, or for a deep clean.
Cell phone icon - I need to text/call so-and-so! Or "Hey, so and so got in contact with me and we talked."
Heart icons - because I like hearts and they looked cute. LOL
Washing machine - because I'm really bad at doing laundry and I would like to keep track of when I wash my clothes.

I feel like this is such a silly post at this point. I want to explain all of the intricacies of what I refer to as decorative planning, but I don't want to hijack this post. I don't want to scrap this post and work on a general "this is my planning story" post  because I don't know how I would go about it at this point, or whether it's even something that needs to be written about. On the other hand, I get incredibly excited when I think about explaining this little world to you guys. Did you know that the Happy Planner is set up to more easily take pages out and add pages in, while the Erin Condren Life Planner does not? The trade off is the HP can seem more cheaply made and has issues with pages almost coming out while the ECLP keeps its pages in order. Did you know that Michael's Recollections came out with their own planner that is incredibly similar to ECLP but only a fraction of the cost? Do you know the difference between a horizontal and vertical layout?

Bah, I think I'll go ahead and work on a little beginner's post. Because I want to and it makes me happy and excited, can't you tell?! LOL!

Did you know about this niche world? Do you think it's weird? Do you have your own planner or planning system?


  1. I'm aware of the planner geeks because I wanted to be one so bad for a while. It's just not for me though and I've finally made peace with that. LOL I look forward to seeing your excitement for it though! And yes, post about what makes you happy! Isn't that what you guys kept telling me? =)


    1. Join us on the dark side... we have stickers, pens, and a large variety of planners, muahahahahaaa!

      I have to remind myself that my bloggy friends are actually pretty supportive of my hobbies, regardless of what they are (sans something illegal LOL). I guess I'm just used to the incredulous stares and "why are you so weird"s from my real-world "friends." It wasn't easy growing up and absolutely loving video games, reading, and anime, while still actively participating in sports. I was always the odd one in those groups because I never cared for the things they talked about.

  2. LOVE! I like the butterfly themed ones. Reminds me of Marie Antoinette a little. Enjoy using your stickers and all. I love planners. I had the EC planner last year and liked it but honestly, it was so big. I used it though and now it is in my closet in case I want to look back at it. Right now I am using a planner from Craftsposure and like it but I fell off the wagon as far as using it to keep me on track with my blog, though I do still use the Bucket List that was included in it.

    My friend has the Michael's planner and I thought it was the EC planner at first. Really good dupe! I want to try the KiKi (?) planner next year I think. Have you heard much about them?

    And yes. Always post what you love! <3 Hence my posts about books, Harry Potter, and random nature photos. And jewelry. And cooking. Cats. Makeup. Sheet masks. So on and so forth.

    1. I thought about using a Mini Happy Planner but it's so small I wouldn't be able to keep track of everything I wanted to in one place. I'm not quite at that point where I think I need more than one planner, so I'll make do with my large one that never leaves the house.
      It's helped me to use my planner to plan out blog posts and activities I need to do for my blog. Plus it's fun just placing down correlating stickers all over the page. I took pictures today - time to slap down a camera! I drank coffee... let's place down a coffee sticker! LOL!

      I'm familiar with Kikki K! It's a popular planner in one of the groups I'm in. It's easy to print out/design a layout that works for you and then hole punch it and stick it in your planner! The extra pockets in the leather binder make it easier to keep track of extra papers, receipts, and business cards, too! If I were to decide to buy a smaller 2nd planner to keep with me when I leave the house, it would be a Kikki K!

  3. Is there another link to her shop? The link here doesn't work.

    1. Oh no! All fixed now! I wonder how that happened. I checked the link before posting it but somewhere along the way it broke. Thanks for pointing that out!