Thursday, January 5, 2017

Band of Bloggers: January, 2017 Volume 13

Hello, dear friends! We all here at the Band of Bloggers would like to welcome you to a brand new year. We hope it will be full of good health and much happiness, and of course a plethora of fragrance. 

Let's kick off the new year by asking what your fragrant plans are for 2017. Are you trying new vendors, going on a low-buy or no-buy, or planning on burning more candles? Do you dream of new wax blends, trying out incense or something entirely different? Are perfumes, indie bath and body or artisan body care on your list? Or do you plan on making your own home made brews?

In one simple sentence? Continue experimenting! I have a habit of sticking to my favorites/comfort zones and as a result I tend not to branch out and try other things. 
I want to keep trying out new to me indie vendors across many areas of expertise. I have my eye on several fragrance vendors and a few bath and body vendors. We'll see if I build up enough courage to take the plunge!
On the front of home made brews, I will continue to search for places to buy ingredients for soaps here. The downside I'm experiencing right now is I can't properly convey to my Korean friends what exactly I'm looking for, and we don't want to buy the wrong items or wrong grades of items. If anything is wrong, the end product would potentially end up extremely harmful to the skin.

And do tell us what your aromatic plans and goals for 2017 include!

We, sadly, have had a few bloggers lay down their pens. And they will be deeply missed. However, we are welcoming some new bloggers to this motley and aromatic group. 


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  1. Can you order your supplies online? I've been feeling a tiny soaping urge myself lately.

    It can be hard to go ahead and try indie bath and body vendors. I'm disappointed in most that I try, and it's more money and product involved in trying body products than in wax.


    1. I can order most of my base oils online, but a lot of fragrance/essential oils wouldn't be able to be shipped. Lye is something I'm having trouble with, too. From what I've read, shipping via ground (by boat) should be acceptable, but all sellers I've tried from do not allow that as an option.

  2. I love that you are still into experimenting. I go in cycles but I am in a high with that right now. Looking forward to seeing what all you dive into!! Hoping you can sort out the soap situation.

    1. It's easy to keep the mentality going when almost everything about my life right now is centered around "Get out of that comfort zone!" "Experiment!" and "Try new things!!" I'm having lots of fun, though, so here's hoping the experimentation continues beyond Korea. :)