Thursday, January 19, 2017

Satin Suzie Scents - Nutmeg & Ginger

Scent Description: Freshly grounded spicy nutmeg and bold ginger meet in this wax to create a heartwarming, welcoming scent.

Date Poured: November 19, 2015

Weight Melted: 0.7 oz

Location of Warmer: Bedroom, in tealight warmer

Cold Sniff: 4/5 A fantastic, slightly bready, spice ridden homey scent. Perfect for winter time (RIGHT, DEB?! I realize that I don't differentiate between fall and winter anymore... teach me your ways! LOL)

Warm Sniff: 4/5

Scent Strength: 2.5/3

Scent Throw: 3/3 This filled the entire bedroom quite easily.

Melting Power: 3/5 I got a little under six hours of scent from half of a scent shot.

Repurchase: Yes! Such a perfect scent for those colder months. Now that I think about it... was the bready part supposed to be ginger bread? I mean, there is ginger in it...


  1. I have this in my 'everyday scents' stash and have pulled it out to melt today because of this post. On cold sniff, I would lean this slightly towards fall because of the spice, but otherwise I find it to be an any day cozy scent. We'll see how I feel once I melt it though! lol


    1. Yeah if I didn't associate gingerbread type scents with closer to Christmastime I would call this a fall scent. The spices do die down a little once melted, if that changes anything.