Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stop & Chat: Bunco & The Love Museum

Warning: This post contains slightly NSFW pictures. And by slightly, I mean very.

I get to wake up to this cuddle bug every morning. This is Zelda, the poochie I've been watching since January 30th. Her owners will pick her up on February 24th. Pebbles was picked up on the 28th of January. I miss that little meowing furball, just like I'll miss this slightly larger snuggling furball when she's gone.

I went to my first Bunco gathering. I still can't fully explain the game, but it's fun enough - especially when there's lots of food and drink involved. There were 12 of us (13 including the host, who stepped down from playing when someone who said they weren't going to play still showed up) and the entire thing lasted about 3 hours. The theme for this month's Bunco was Mardi Gras. Yes, there were lots of scantily clad women. And yes, I saw way more breast than I bargained for. When you involve bead necklaces and even joke that you can get more beads by flashing, people take you up on that apparently. And that's the cleanest bit of the shenanigans. LOL

C and I had arrived at the host's house early because she had asked us to help her set up, and we ended up staying afterwards to help clean up.

Once we were done cleaning, we sat around and chitchatting for about an hour before we all decided to go to the Love Museum in Hongdae.

Yes, it's all about sex.

Superman, are you just happy to see me or...?

These are the cleanest and least explicit pictures I can share. The rest are very.... anatomically correct. LOL

The Love Museum is in the same building (basement? It's underground) as a Trick Eye Museum that allows people to make it look like they're part of the works of art in various ways. The Love Museum used a lot of the same techniques to make it look like you were getting it, giving it, or getting caught doing it in many, many ways.

Not necessarily something I would do every day, but I must say it was an experience. Something about that museum reduced L, C, and I to childish giggles. Same with anyone else we happened to come across in there.

Once we were done there, we decided to do a little shopping. We were in Hongdae, after all.

I checked out Tony Moly to see if they had any new/on sale Pokémon themed face masks. They did -Meowth, Vanilla scented- but the store was too crowded and I got too stressed about standing in there and had to leave. From there we checked out various shops like Etude House, Olive Young, and Condomania (Yup. It's about exactly what you think it's about.)

Sorry, this is the only picture I thought to take of our adventure to a Korean Barbecue. For those of you who don't know, a Korean BBQ typically refers to a restaurant where you order your meat and it's given to you raw. Each table has a built in area to cook. Depending on where you go, the employees will provide a portable Bunsen burner with a grill on top, or there will be a system built into your table to start a fire yourself (though the employees normally get it started yourself). In still other places, there is a grill system built into the table but it is heated by hot coals, which the employees provide and switch out as needed.

For our particular meal, we got the Marinated Meat Grill and two orders of the Messy Pork Belly. It's not a lot of meat, but the meat isn't meant to be the main part of the meal. Along with your meat you get a whole variety of sides including kimchi, garlic, salt & pepper (for the meat, so it's not really a side), onions, a variety of lettuces, and much more. Typically you pile the meat with a bunch of other stuff onto a lettuce leaf and wrap it up like a taco before eating it.


We finished right as a huge line started forming outside the restaurant. By this time it was dropping below 20°F so we decided to hike our way back to the car.

All in all a very, very eventful and not-so-subtley NSFW kind of day.

My only regret is that I didn't have my camera with me. I left the house expecting to only attend Bunco, so the nicer camera stayed at home. By the time we got to Hongdae, our phones were all low on battery so we opted out of taking lots of pictures. How am I supposed to prove to everyone that we went out and had fun?? In the eternal words of the internet: "Pics or it didn't happen."

All joking aside, I'm nursing a bit of an activity hangover today. Not an alcohol hangover. More like "I wasn't near a cup of water at all points in time so I didn't drink enough water so now I'm slightly dehydrated" hangover. Today's probably going to be a bit of a recovery day, filled with lots of hearty healthy food and snuggling with Zelda.

Are all female-only gatherings full of sexual things like this? I'm afraid I'm woefully lacking in knowledge about girls' get-togethers and what to expect.


  1. The Love Museum! A friend went there - pretty sure she spent all her time giggling into her sleeve. Pretty sure I'd spend all my time being like, "Superman, don't even THINK about coming at me with that thing, bro." Question about your dinner, though - what makes the pork belly messy? The way it's cut into bacon strips as opposed to those cute little cubes? I'm so confused!

    1. I think the messy pork belly either has something to do with the way it's cut or it's something that was lost in translation. The meat wasn't messy at all - just insanely delicious.

      I took a picture of one of my friends trying to lay in his lap and uh... it got in the way. And it was very hard. And it hurt. LMAO.