Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stop & Chat: February Update!

I shook up my schedule a little this past week. I found my mind slipping a lot and falling into the same fog I experienced at the end of 2016, so I tried to remedy the situation with said shake up.

I've gobbled through three books in the past week. To be fair, one book was 1/2 way done and the other was about 1/4 done, but I gobbled them nonetheless. It's lit a book-loving fire in my heart that I forgot I'd lost. It's also helped kickstart my writing again. I was having troubles with my Solstice Scents haul post, which was why it took so long to get up. I couldn't get the words to flow and my heart just wasn't in it. I'm still in a bit of a writer's rut, but now instead of blurry ideas I get more concrete shapes and sounds. Here's hoping the book I'm currently reading breaks down the rest of these walls!

I've concentrated on melting a lot of my larger quantities of wax that I've already reviewed on the blog. It's nice seeing my stash slowly shrink. It's hard not reaching for new-to-me scents just so I can have something to write about on the blog. I realized that it would really show if I kept forcing myself to write just to meet some imaginary post quota I kept setting for myself.

The weather finally warmed up enough to melt the snow and ice that's prevented M and I from going on our bike rides. Of course all this warm weather has brought in wind, so the bike rides we have taken have been much shorter than we would like. Better than nothing, though. I had a laughable moment while hanging with C on Friday. "The wind was really bad so we only went 10 miles on our bike ride yesterday." C could only look at me with an incredulous expression until I realized how snooty I sounded and laughed.

We still have Zelda The Lovebug. She'll be with us for another few days before her owners pick her up. Can you believe we've gone 6 days in 2017 without any pets in the house? Not counting the Cotton Balls (hamsters) of course. In a few weeks we're going to watch yet another poochie for two months!! The obsessively clean part of my brain is screaming at all the fur build up. LOL!

Speaking of Cotton Balls... M and I are horrible pet owners. I feel like every pet that comes through our house will leave feeling very confused about what their names are and what kind of animal they are. Each pet gets called a variety of, well, pet names based off their looks, fluffyness, and personality. Zelda is a lovebug who is secretly a cat. She's also been called a Cuddle Bug, Mrs. Spinnies (when she plays she twirls in circles with her ears flat on her head, like bully breeds do), Girlie, Beautiful, Old Man (she has long fur that sticks our of her ears), and Waggle Butt. Pebbles was a Mobile Fuzz Loaf/Echolocator (she would wander around the house yowling so much we joked that she was using it to find her way around). The hamsters are Fluffybutts, $30 Hamster Steaks (long story), Muffin Tops, and most recently Cotton Balls. Muffin Top and Cotton Balls came about from their little sleepy ball they form when they sleep.... or while they're eating... or when they're sitting still. Basically we call animals any and all names under the sun except their actual name.

Okay, it's not quite that dramatic, but we definitely call them a bunch of nicknames.

I think that covers it for this little update. I'm still on the fence for writing about my planner stickers. I have so much to say about it, but I'm afraid it will all come out in a large jumble of words that make little to no sense.

How have you been? Do you have silly nicknames for your pets?


  1. Our older cat's proper name is Lynx but no one calls him that. He's most commonly referred to as Fatty, or various forms of Fat-names...Fattycat, Mr. Fattums, etc.

    And then there is Minion. He's more often called Baby Kitty or The Baby, but since he's younger and naughtier his real name is used more because he's scolded more. *knocks something off the desk* "Minion!" *knocks something off the table* "Minion!!" *stands on shelf and attempts to take down shotglass display rack" "MINION!!!!!"

    You get the point. LOL


  2. I love all you pet names!! When we adopted Tod from the SPCA her name was Roxy but Adam said she had to be called Tod or we couldn't adopt her. She goes by Toddles now from the girls and I but Adam calls her Wilber because she wants to eat all the time and meows loudly for her food. Glad you got the fire of reading lit under you and it is helping with your writing. I am like that too. I write much better when I am reading regularly.

  3. Fascinated by your writing/reading connection. It makes perfect sense, I just never thought about it relating to blogging.
    I'm learning that I need to keep a semi-regular blog schedule or I'll suck at it, but if I force the imaginary post quotas I will also suck at it. It's a fine line. I've been reading a great book that I can't wait to post about if I ever get the chance, just a busy month for me, so blogging has to be the first to give.

    Btw, S and I made a running nickname list for Johnny, our pup, a couple summers ago. I think there were 21 names over the years. Lately we've been calling him "buche" which I think is french for mouth. Not even sure where that came from. We're pretty big nickname ppl, since we don't even refer to each other by our given names-ever.