Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sniff My Tarts - Whipped Cream/Watermelon Cake

Scent Description:  Delicious, fluffy whipped cream with hints of whipped churned butter, blonde sugar cane, Madagascar vanilla, and vanilla extract/Fresh sliced Watermon and rich decadent cake.

Date Reviewed: December 27, 2016

Weight Melted: 0.9 oz

Location of Warmer: Living room, in tealight warmer

Cold Sniff: 5/5 Deliciously juicy watermelons smothered in whipped cream and used as icing for a creamy cake.

Warm Sniff: 5/5 No real surprises once melted. At the very end of the melt the watermelon took on an artificial note.

Scent Strength: 2/3

Scent Throw: >3/3 This filled the living room, hallway, kitchen/dining area, and entryway.

Melting Power: 4/5 The 6 hour mark is when the watermelon took on an artificial plastic note and I dumped the wax.

Repurchase: Yup! Though I have a major lesson to learn: never leave coffee in the main room this wax is melting in. My cup of coffee tasted and smelled like waxy watermelon cake. Did I still drink it all? Yup. Do I regret it. Super yup. I needed a week long break from that specific coffee before I could smell it without reliving the watermelon-wax taste. LOL


  1. Watermelon caught my eye here. I'm craving it already, in wax form and in real food form. Last week hubby picked out a Juicy Watermelon (from Mainstays) candle and when he burns it in the other room I'm drooling in here at the computer. lol I don't know why they don't have it in melt form?!?!


    1. I've been craving watermelon since we came to Korea. I'm just not willing to shell out $20+ for a watermelon. @.@ So I must live vicariously through my melts!

  2. My husband, who should never, ever be trusted on such matters because he will eat anything (except meat, as he's a vegetarian) and in any combination, used to get WATERMELON ESPRESSOS in high school. That sounds like pretty much the nastiest thing ever. I can't imagine the wax note added much. :(

    (Also, his regular order at this burger place we go to is a veggie burger topped with cream cheese, havarti, peanut butter and a fried egg. Like, WTF, man?!)

    1. Watermelon. Espresso? Watermelon = yes. Espresso = yes. Together? *retch*

      I don't want to question someone's eating habits but... uh... WHAT? That sounds like a very conflicting hodgepodge of tastes and textures! Then again, up until I came to Korea my diet was exclusively cookies, chicken alfredo, and ramen.