Friday, April 14, 2017

Stop & Chat: Hamster Snacks

This is a shorter post, but I wanted to share this very small but incredibly rewarding project: homemade hamster treats!

The hamsters have settled into their new homes swimmingly. I've reached a bit of a bump in their hamster-lid making adventure because we do not have some of the tools required and they were not on post like we'd hoped. Amazon, it is!

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the creation process for the hanging seed discs. All I did was combine flour, seeds, and water, form the mixture into discs, poke a hole in them, and bake them.

This second concoction is a mixture of bananas, various berries, and oats.

These got rolled into balls and were baked as well.

The hamsters were just waking up as I put their treats in their homes.

I wish I had gotten a picture, but Bunny ended up climbing up her seed discs and swung around for a bit before deciding that the floor was a much nicer place.

Her oat treat was hiding in that wooden puzzle piece. She promptly took it and brought it into her nest.

Hammy was super excited about her seed treat. I was unable to get a picture of her in focus. It reminded me of that scene from Over the Hedge where Hammy (oh my goodness, I just realized that they have the same name!) drank and energy drink and the world slowed down for him.

Super speeeeeeed.

I've been making lots of stickers. I got a wild sticker-making hair up my butt and now I've made so many stickers that most of the Etsy stuff I bought for my planner has been replaced. I still try to use those stickers, and there are definitely stickers that have higher quality than the ones I've made, but at the rate I'm going I have to acknowledge the reality of an eternal surplus. LOL!

I've even started doodling again. *gasp* It's been fun allowing myself to indulge in hobbies I'd dropped long ago.

Have you picked up any old hobbies lately?


  1. How fun is that, to make their treats yourself! The pics are all so cute.

    Show. us. stickerrrrrrrs! And doodles too! And can I exclaim a little more in this comment?!!!!? =P


  2. Exclaiming is fun!! It shows excitement!! WOOOOO! :P

    I will take pictures of the stickers and doodles some time in the next week! There is some drama going on and I haven't felt very inspired to take pictures lately.

  3. You are the best hamster mom ever. These look professional. I don't think snake treats would have the same cute effect though. So Boopers won't be getting any of these. You have the happiest, healthiest hamsters in the country I bet. Stickers and doodles? Please do share!!

    1. I feel like snake treats might have a little extra animal based products. I have some mealworms now that I can crush up and add into a separate recipe I've been waiting to try out. I'm holding out on it because... well, mealworms STINK.

      These hamsters better be happy and healthy!! Michael helped me put in some deeper bedding the other day and he took such care with how he arranged their homes, it was so sweet. "I want it deeper here up against the glass so if they burrow we can watch them." *goofy grin* "Her nest should be set up like this so we can see her when she goes in there." He's such a sweetie. <3

      I definitely will share the stickers! Not so sure about my doodles. They all make me angry and sad at how crappy they are LOL

  4. Coolest hamster mom on the block. I enjoy making Johnny Funtime dog bone frozen pops in the summer, it's totally worth it to reward our furry ones w/homemade stuff, maybe I'll make more this year.
    Did you ever play that game w/someone where you compare each other to objects or animals? When playing with my husband yrs ago he said if I was an animal, I'd be a hamster! What does that say about me, I wonder?

    1. *wears her freshly pinned Coolest Hamster Mom ribbon proudly* It really is rewarding to hand make treats for your pets. Plus there's the added benefit of 100% knowing what's in the thing you're giving your furbaby!

      I remember playing that game with others. I seem to've forgotten what everyone would call me. I think it's because I didn't like the answer. LOL!

      Hmm... I think a hamster would mean you're adventurous, independent, and like running on a wheel for several hours each night. ;P