Thursday, May 4, 2017

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 17/May 2017

May, May, May. Welcome back, ol' friend! May is a turning point in the year for a lot of people. The school year is almost over, summer is coming soon, and those mild months will soon become scorchers. The birthstone of May is the emerald, which symbolizes love and success. This month, we're focusing on those two things!

We all love something with all our hearts, so tell us what you love the most. It could be the story of how you met your spouse/significant other, where you got your pet, or a nod to your parental units.

I'm going to go a slightly different route and say that I love myself the most. Me. Myself. I. It sounds so selfish when I read it over, and I get a twinge of narcissistic pleasure at acknowledging myself as my own most loved one, but it's an important thing for me to acknowledge.
There was once a time when I could not find it in me to love myself. I couldn't even say I liked myself. All I saw when I looked in the mirror were my flaws, my shortcomings, my failures. I believe that I could not have learned to love the people and world around me so wholly if I had not gone through such a long journey in learning to love myself.
I won't pretend to stand behind any of those "you cannot xyz others until you learn to xyz yourself" sayings. I will say that in working on my relationship with myself, my relationship with others has improved immensely.

In terms of success, and keeping it blog related, have you ever participated in and/or completed a successful "project wax" or spring wax/perfume/makeup/scented product purge? Have you ever had so much product you felt the need to use it all up before your bought again?

In late 2015 I purged an immense amount of wax products in preparation for our move to Korea. I have worked long and hard to rid myself of the habit of stockpiling everything I buy. I had a very nasty mentality that if I used up a product then I had somehow wasted it. 
I'm currently at a point where I need to use up a lot more of my wax before I can allow myself to buy again. It works out that we're heading into summer and I already don't buy for fear of my smelly goodies melting on their way to me. A benefit of my unofficial wax-buying hiatus is it frees up that money to go toward other ventures. Like hanji. Or makeup. Or stickers. Buying stickers, you ask? Noooo, young padawan. Making stickers.  

Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below!

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  1. What a powerful answer. I am glad you wrote it. <3 I think you are pretty swell too.

    Share with us the stickers!!! I loved seeing the hamster ones. Too cute for school. Your summers are pretty hot aren't they? I remember Japan being sweltering, not sure if it is about the same climate.

    1. <3 My life is all the richer having met you, my dear Julie!

      I shall share my stickers as I make them! I had to take a break while we were petsitting, as there was dog hair EVERYWHERE. Yay, shedding! T__T

      The normal summer temps are supposed to peak in the mid-90s. Last year we had several days over 100, and this year we're already in the 80's two months before we were last year. *starts crying hysterically at the thought of this year's electricity bills*

      It wouldn't be so bad, since I did live in Texas for so long, but the humidity in Korea trumps Texas by a mile. Monsoon season + hot temps + high electricity costs = Wallet Death. Michael and I are looking at getting dehumidifiers as well as a portable AC just so I don't feel trapped in one room of the house and we don't have the nightmare of pests that we did last summer. Air tight containers mean nothing to these summer bugs.

  2. You killed it with this answer Liz, what a great question it was too. I enjoyed all of the diverse responses and felt I got some insight into everyone.
    Thank you for providing the peek into Korean life and your adventures there, though Korean summer sounds like one adventure I'd gladly skip.

  3. You know, I know someone who would profess to place everyone and everything above herself, and she's one of the most miserable people I've ever known. I wish she'd spend more time thinking about what makes her happy and then act from that vantage point, as opposed to the little hole she always starts out in. There's no need to bring yourself down - there's enough people in the world willing to do that for you. So I'm with you on the you first thing, because if you're not taking care of yourself, nobody else will. Sing it with me now - SEL-FISH! SEL-FISH! (Kidding - being honest without being a jagoff is just about the least selfish thing you can do.) :)