Thursday, September 7, 2017

Band of Bloggers - Vol. 21/September 2017

Welcome back to the September Band of Bloggers! It's that time of year again. School is starting back up. Trees are starting to turn. North America is recovering from the apocalypse brought on by the eclipse. Wait, what?

The eclipse that visited most of the United States on August 21st has been described as a once in a lifetime experience. The next eclipse to cover the US from coast to coast will not come until 2045.

That brings us to our question this month. What is your once in a lifetime experience?

It feels like such a cop-out response, but our time in Korea has really been a once in a lifetime experience. I do not think I would have gotten the same experience if Korea had happened at any other point in my life. If I were younger, I would not have appreciated it as much as I do now and would have ignored all of the opportunities for personal growth. If I were older, I could have been too wrapped up in our family or my career to take the time to enjoy what this country has to offer. 

Korea has altered my perception of the world. Of America. Of my own perception of an open heart and mind. It has challenged my viewpoints on culture and politics. Until Korea, my entire view of the world was based from my home in the US.

Korea has helped me finish healing hurts and moving forward in life. Back in 2016, I said I wanted to move forward. I have been able to do so in ways here that could never have happened in the US. Stepping outside to a foreign world, with a foreign language, culture, and people staring me right in the face has pushed my comfort zones so much further than the US could have ever done. That's not to say that I could not have gone through all of this growth back home. Things have just lined up in Korea in such a way that it felt easy and effortless. The end result is this country will forever have a soft spot in my heart.

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  1. How amazing that you've has the opportunity to experience another way of life by immersing yourself in it. Not many people do. I always enjoy your posts and learning new things from them.

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  3. I couldn't think of a more once in a lifetime scenario than moving to Korea and getting all you can from it. Growing with that experience, finding hidden aspects of yourself, heart and mind. I'll echo the above sentiments and add that your adventures in Korea, be they the inward, outward or pet-sitting kind are my favorite Furianne posts to read. I hope that when your time there comes to a close you'll look upon it as a golden time of your lives.

  4. I love your answer and I would imagine I would have felt the very same way. What a cool experience to live in another culture and be totally immersed the way you have been. Happy you will have this time in your life to look fondly on in the years to come.