Sunday, June 24, 2018

Glitterati - Violet Toasted Marshmallow

Scent Description: Delicate Floral/Toasted marshmallows by the fire.

Date Received: June 22, 2016

Weight Melted: 0.7 oz

Location of Warmer: Office, in tealight warmer.

Cold Sniff: 5/5 A slightly sweet and smoky floral, with just a hint of sticky sweet goodness.

Warm Sniff: 5/5 No surprises once melted.

Scent Strength: 1.5/3

Scent Throw: 3/3 This filled the office and poked its way through a closed door into the entryway.

Melting Power: Lasted through 1 tealight candle. It could definitely have lasted longer, but I find myself content with melting each scent only once while I'm trying to melt through what I have.

Repurchase: I just did! My name just got called up for the 2016 customs list, yahoo!!

I haven't quite revisited my wax rating system since moving, so I'm kind of in a transitional stage for some of my rating system. Bear with me as some of these things get adjusted!

Also, it's been so long since I've melted anything in my tealight warmers. I've been making do with a (please don't kill me Deb) Christmas type cranberry and spice wooden wick candle I got for Christmas. We didn't get our household goods until the middle of March, and I swear somewhere along the line packers must've stolen our many boxes of matches. Either that or the matches were in some of the boxes that went missing in the move. Sigh. In any case, I finally remembered and picked up some matches the other day and I'm slowly getting back into the hang of melting things. I don't have a little wax station set up with a cutting knife, basket of "to-review" wax, pen and paper, and a scale, but I'm getting there.


  1. Hi Liz,
    I'm glad to read you're finding some harmony after such a major move. And that you're entertaining wax reviews again, this sounds like my type of blend, that complimentary combo of flowery and sweet. Glitterati is a brand I never consider or even think of bc of the Facebook exclusivity, but I'll keep my eyes peeled for a similar scent from others, or play around with the notes for customs.
    Hope you enjoy your Summer and your upcoming wax goodies:)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to be back! This really is a lovely blend. Before I got into wax and smelly goodies I would never have thought that these things would smell good together.

      Honestly, my name being on the Glitterati list is why I still semi consistently check my Facebook. If not for that (and keeping in contact with some friends that don't have other consistent methods of communication) I would probably have deactivated my Facebook long ago. I did it once for about three years from 2009-2012 and it was absolutely wonderful.

      I hope your Summer going swimmingly as well! :)

  2. This scent! It sounds perfectly beautiful. And congrats on getting called up! Wow! I cannot wait to read about what you ordered. And I need to go tell Deb you are blogging again. <3

    1. If I'm not careful I'll buy a ton of it next time I manage to make it onto a Glitterati customs list. Did you manage to make it onto the 2016 one?

  3. Yep, Julie told me you were blogging again, but I'd already seen. ;) And don't worry, The Fall Slut will give you a pass this time because of your relocation inconveniences. This time. She does give you a warning glare though.....


    1. Thank you for your generosity, O Gracious Fall Slut *bows deeply* I shall try to limit my transgressions from here on out. :P

      I kept thinking about you every time I lit that candle up. "Deb would most certainly not approve!"